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Did you know that, according to Future Market Insights, the voip technology market will increase to $204.8 billion by 2020? Recent studies show that landlines have already started becoming obsolete. The reason is that most people do not make phone calls the way they used to. VoIP phones have increased in retail sales by at least 15%. According to researchers, those sales will continue to rise due to more people jumping on board with VoIP solutions.


To answer that question we need to explain what VoIP is. It is a voice-over-internet-protocol (voice over IP). You can make a phone call using a high speed internet connection. No need for expensive landlines!

How can VoIP technology help businesses?

1) VoIP offers superior voicemail capabilities with exceptional features and messaging options.

2) You can answer your internet phone (ip phone) wherever you are. You could be on vacation in the Bahamas and take a conference call. The phones connect wherever you are. Domestic and international calls apply to every customer. Your bill is going to stay the same.

3) You can downsize or upsize whenever you want. Your business may grow, requiring you to make more accommodations for future employees and business needs. Make the changes in-house. You can also downsize if your company needs to make cutbacks. It does not matter. This service works for you, no matter what your needs are.

4) More than 90% of all customers feel they do their best work when they are using their mobile phones because of their efficiency. This service works with your mobile phones, too. Set things up and go to town. That way you can handle business even when you are on the way out of the office.

5) Easy to maintain service contracts, like the ones we offer at UNIFYmts, ensure that you can maintain your phone system and still manage your budget. Get the peace of mind that comes from full tech support.


There are a lot of benefits to using this type of telephone service. The digital trend is not going away. More people are making the switch to VoIP calls. You should consider it too. The way we communicate with people in business is forever changing. Time to climb on board. You can find out more at our site https://unifymts.com/digital-phones/.

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