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Dangerous Times Demand Video Surveillance For Your Small Business

Unless you’re doing something illegal — like cutting large amounts of illegal drugs or torturing some lower level employee with machetes or the usual goings on from poorly constructed villains in an average cop show (We’re looking at you Dick Wolf, producer of Chicago PD) — then the question is why would any sensible small business owner not want to have video surveillance cameras on their premises? A security camera system would seem to be mandatory for any small businesses.

Crime is Rampant: Just Look on Youtube

Just within the last weeks of 2018 you can type in the phrase “video surveillance theft” on Youtube and find: church video recording a church theft, industrial theft being stopped with live video monitoring, thieves on video stealing mail from an apartment (a compilation), and a non stop array of video detailing theft from every company from IHOP to Home Depot to your local small business.

The major reason any sensible business owner, certainly within Toledo and surrounding communities and even outside of them, would use video cameras is that there’s so much theft in the world. Security surveillance not only protects you from scoundrels that want to invade businesses, but also captures people inside your business that want to rip you off, in case you’re wondering where all of your business pencils and toiletries disappear to.

UNIFYmts Can Meet All of Your Video Surveillance Needs and More

UNIFY marketing and technology solutions can meet all of your video security needs. Our company employs a five step process for all of our services (not just video security but marketing, search engine optimization and we can even build a website for you.) that includes: discover, document, design, develop and deploy. We also utilize HD video, IP cameras and indoor outdoor cameras.

UNIFYmts offers a wide range of IP and analog cameras for surveillance and security. Our company offers easy installation (which we can help with), an easy to use android application and user friendly windows software. We’ll help you tweak the software to get it to perform just as you need.

UNIFYmts Can Set Up Real Time Email Notifications With Pictures

You can also watch your company in real time and have us set it up so that you can receive email notifications with pictures about what’s happening at your own business. This kind of technology can be used to thwart thefts in progress just like with this online example where the thief is caught right in the act.

A great video surveillance system allows you to monitor the productivity of your workers on the clock, allows you to watch behavior that could negatively affect your business (such as drug or alcohol abuse or other reckless behavior like carrying a gun onto the premises…), protects you from external theft and allows for greater security for both employees and customers. We believe that video security is no longer an option in these dangerous times, but a necessity. Allow UNIFYmts to help protect you. Learn more about our security camera systems here or contact us to schedule some time to discuss your options!