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IT Services

We look at client requirements, as challenges to overcome. Our IT services for small business are based on quality consulting and planning, which lets our clients reap the benefits of an improved ROI. An efficient IT infrastructure is the key to productivity; we understand what it takes to gauge our client’s requirements. Our goal to research and develop the best methodology for you, something that fits your needs like a glove. We like working closely with our clients, this is an excellent way to sound board new ideas. We work with your team as an external resource, we give you new insights on your industry trends and implement an efficient, user friendly, and cost-effective IT solution for you.

•  Supporting and planning technology installations

•  Computer design and sales

When we find the right solution for you – you excel in your business. We use the same method for ourselves. Adding value to each of our solutions is one of our main areas of expertise.

Our strength is our team who take each opportunity as a stepping-stone. Our expertise in this area comes from analytical minded team members who help our clients understand technology, the challenges, and how to overcome it.

We work with our clients as we work with our colleagues. This helps both to build a partnership where we strive to build the skills of our clients, and our clients give us the opportunity to outshine.

Our recommendations are both practical and cost efficient. We like to empower our clients, so that they achieve their goals and we achieve ours. Participation is invited, we support the organization goals and this lets us give our clients – success.

We are glad to assist you with technology related challenges.

IT Services Information Technology

Network Design

Network Solutions for Medium Sized Businesses

Your profits depend on your productivity. We all know that a strong network promotes efficiency and proportionally compliments your productivity. There is no one-size-fit-all approach in network designing. You need firewalls to protect your network, switches and Wifi for functionality.

A reliable network is profitable. That is why you need to develop your network. We engineer your network for you. Our team understands the requirements of IT infrastructure and its common challenges. We work closely with you as an external resource to find out your needs, develop a cost effective solution and implement it with 100% ease and accuracy. All of clients reap the benefits of an operational uptime. Whether you want to implement Juniper, Ruckus, Dell, Meraki, Cisco or any other form of IT infrastructure, we will streamline it. Perhaps you only need consulting, we can give you expert advice on configuration, server storage, security, backup and monitoring services.

•  We use scalable technologies

•  We adapt to any size

•  From start up to medium sized business

We give a customized infrastructure that provides you with maximum network efficiency.

The dynamic market conditions today demands an architecture strategy that both sustainable and reliable. Enterprises today are looking to transform consistently, adapting to improve their business. We give you a scalable IT infrastructure that is aligned with your business goals – and delivers a long-term solution. This gives you that extra competitive edge.

Increase your performance with our network design solution. We will help you with consultation, planning and implementation.

Security Cameras

We offer a range of IP cameras and analog cameras for surveillance and security.

Easy Installation

We help you with the installation and take care of everything from cable to setting up the software.

Easy to Use Android App

The android app works inside and outside your site. It works great, all you need is an internet connection.

User Friendly Windows Software: We help setting up the windows software, we tweak with the motion settings, email alerts and push notifications until everything is perfect.

Email Notifications Set to Send Pictures

You can set the camera to send email notifications with pictures – a cool feature.

Access Via Web Browser: You can access the camera through a web browser, this gives you additional security and surveillance of your site. You also get a personal domain name for the https access.

The cameras we setup for you have great video and audio capture.

You can monitor the productivity of your employees while they are on the clock.

•  Monitor behavior that could impact your business (drinking alcohol, using drugs or reckless behavior)

•  Protect yourself from external theft

•  Secure both employees and customers

Digital Display Signage

Our mission is to give you a full digital display signage solution that will help you communicate your brand message with your customers. We are dedicated to provide you with a cost effective solution that is both reliable and efficient.
Our solution is customized to your needs; we make sure that your audience is engaged through your vision. The digital display market requires constant adaptation; our solution is interactive and helps your customer to navigate from start to finish.
We develop a partnership with you, and work closely with you so that we have a clear understanding of your business and your audience.
(Add type of displays for example – indoor, outdoor, interactive touch, QSR, video walls etc.)
Our powerful technology supports all your digital signage needs.

•  Cost effective solutions

•  Software and hardware

•  Content Design

•  Installation

•  Support

Finding the right match between cost effectiveness and technology is our focus. Whether a small business or a medium sized business, we provide you with a customized solution that suits you and your budget.
We know that each customer is unique and that is why our style of operation and application differs but we believe in a single point of accountability. Our services are comprehensive and give everything your business needs to implement a winning solution.

•  We meet you and assess your site: our team will meet you on site and will discuss in detail to find out the key factors at hand.

•  Designing the solution: After the assessment, we will make you a customized solution that will meet your goals. We make recommendations based on the data we gather.

•  Creating and managing content: We develop and manage content based on your objectives and approval.

•  Managing your project: We make sure that your experience with us is seamless. We implement all projects based on our unique methodology.

We invite you to call or email us to setup an in-person evaluation of your digital signage needs.

Managed Services

We offer a wide range of managed services to improve security, functionality, and the cost effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. With proper planning and preventative maintenance, you can avoid costly IT bills.


Our hosting plans are flexible and tailored to your particular need and budget. Choose from dedicated or shared packages from cloud based servers throughout the U.S. to keep your website or application accessible to your customers and staff.

Backup and Storage

UNIFY offers on-premise and cloud storage options to ensure that your critical data is backed up and stored securely. Choose from individual file based backup options or plans designed to store snapshots of your system and restore in the event of a failure.


In addition to on-premise hardware security devices, we offer virus monitoring, spam filtering, and software update services to ensure that your devices are up to date.

On-site Repair and remote support

Our dedicated team is available to make onsite repairs and give you remote support with a dedicated engineer. Whether you need repairs, software or hardware installation, and troubleshooting or virus removal –our experts solve your problems working side by side with your team or remotely.

On-site Support

Sometimes you need a hands-on approach when problems cant be solved remotely. That is when you need our services, our experts will offer:

•  Troubleshooting

•  Maintenance

•  Virus removal

•  Hardware and software installations

•  Repairs

Remote Support

We give you a dedicated go-to-person who will work with your team – understanding your business and its needs. This single point of contact will help you solve every technical problem that can be solved remotely.


We build a relationship with you as collaboration helps us push for the better. This is the reason why our team consistently produces exceptional results. We continually challenge ourselves and everyone we work with.

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