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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables telephone calls to be made over the net. As opposed to making calls over the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network(PTSN). Said in simpler terms, VoIP enables you to make calls over the web as opposed to traditional landline networks. And more and more businesses are switching over to this technology due to its numerous benefits. In this post, we look at the top 4 benefits of switching to VoIP.

Cost-Effectiveness | Saves Money Upfront

Every business needs internet so connecting your phone to the internet just makes sense and will save you money. For starters, with a traditional line, you have to pay for equipment, sign a contract, and pay an installation fee. Experiencing an issue? You’ll have to pay for that too. Web calling companies are highly flexible and typically don’t force customers to sign a contract.

Since these types of companies don’t have to invest in local offices or telephone lines, they have a lower operating expense. In turn, Voice over Internet Protocol provides extremely cheap rates, unlike its traditional counterparts that charge an abundance of fees to customers. So your company can worry about beneficial expenses. Like, employee pensions and insurance, office space, telephone line maintenance, and more. As such, this is a great way for a company to save money.

Call of Clarity

Back in the 2000s, a web speed of more than 1MB per second was considered godly. Nowadays, we have smartphones that feature 5G technology which is up to 5X faster than a standard broadband connection. This massive increase in web speeds has enabled high-resolution videos to be streamed seamlessly. They also allowed us to get superior quality when making video calls. The same thing can be said about call quality. Whereas traditional phone systems have experienced no noticeable change in regards to their underlying technology, ever-increasing net speeds have allowed these systems to provide superior call quality that outperforms traditional lines.


Traditional phone systems are immobile and remain in place for years. If you plan to relocate your business, you may find that it won’t be easy to transfer your service. You will have to pay for expenses associated with disconnecting and reconnecting a new line to a new location. In addition to this, the only way you can take calls to your business when you’re away is to pay for a forwarding service. Voice over Internet Protocol is flexible in the sense that you can establish a connection wherever you are.

If you plan to relocate your business, you don’t have to pay anything as you can bring your specialized router with you. And as mentioned above, depending on the type of company you work with, you may be provided with a cloud-based VoIP phone service platform. This means that you can connect to your system regardless of you in your business or if your in another country, as long as you have an internet connection.

International Calling

Depending on the type of phone service that you choose to go with, you can either make international calls through a telephone that connects to a special router or through your PC using a headset microphone. International call rates are much cheaper than landline call rates. International calls made over VoIP can be as affordable as 2 cents per minute. Another advantage you can gain in respect to international calling is that you’ll be able to purchase a number in the location you wish to call. By getting an international-based number, you are able to pay the same as if you made an easy local call.

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