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Amazing flexibility and features
Today’s businesses demand the best communications tools. Unify Marketing & Technology Solutions’ Communications Servers come with everything you need. Built-in features include flexible IP/digital architecture, high quality voicemail, live call recording, auto attendant, automated call distribution, and advanced Caller ID..

Advanced technology that’s built-in, not added on. Because all vital business features are designed into our Communications Servers everything works smoothly, easily, and intuitively. You don’t pay anything extra, because everything you need in built right in. Best of all, our systems are incredibly easy to use. Just press the HELP key 2 for spoken assistance from our user guide. In short, our Communications Server is fully-featured, yet easy to use and very affordable. It’s a better business communications system – period. Your business deserves to experience our Communications Server.

Flexible, standards-based design.
The Communications Server architecture can be as IP-based, digital-based, or combined (IP and digital) as you need. IP-based capabilities include local/remote phone and multi-site inter-connectivity via broadband, for enhanced inter-office communications. To ensure the best audio quality, particularly for IP users, each Communication Server employs all applicable industry standards. Quality and reliability.

Communications Server delivers the quality and reliability you expect. Thousands of businesses depend on our systems to handle their essential daily communications. Grows with your business – intelligently. Easily and inexpensively add lines (including high-capacity trunks), phones, and special options when you need them. Extraordinary value. No other system delivers the advanced feature a high reliability of our on-premise system.

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