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When you are starting a small business, you need cost-effective computer systems small business and information technology (IT) solutions that fit your limited budget. Should your startup focus on desktops or laptops? Which specifications should you consider? We will provide you with tips for purchasing computer systems for small business.

Computer Hardware Types

Should you purchase desktop or laptop computers for your startup? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Desktops are more affordable, giving you more processing power and storage for a lower price. They are also easier to repair and upgrade. Most computer technicians are well-acquainted with the most popular desktop brands.

Unfortunately, desktop computers are restricted to a particular workstation. Laptops allow your employees to take all of their most important documents, files and programs with them. You might want to purchase laptops for any employees who go on frequent business trips. Laptops might be a security issue, however, because employees could misplace or mishandle them.

Apple or Windows?

The operating system (OS) is the part of a computer that manages hardware software resources and peripheral devices. Hardware components might include your computer screen, keyboard and mouse. The software program commands the computer to perform various functions, such as displaying photographs, playing music or saving documents to a file.

You can choose from a number of OS brands, but Windows and the Apple Mac OS are the most popular. In the long run, Windows is found on many computers and has become the business standard. Apple is better for graphics designers and artists.

Computer Specifications

You might hear the term, “make” with respect to a computer. The make refers to the manufacturer. The term, “model” refers to the manufacturer’s different computer products, which differ based on their features, specifications and functionality.

How do you want to use your computer?

Every computer can process data; but you might want to optimize certain computer specifications to help you complete specific tasks. We will discuss which business types might want to optimize which computer features.

Customer service representatives might want to have the largest screen size. This allows them to view the most data at the same time.

High definition (HD) resolution is the best. This has the most pixels, providing you with more picture detail. Those in the entertainment industry might want better-looking images.

The Random Access Memory (RAM) allows you to multitask. If you keep a lot of windows open simultaneously, then you want to optimize this.

The hard drive will store data. Computer hard drives with more than 500 GB is usually sufficient. Lawyers, doctors and photographers might want to optimize their file storage.

If you spend a lot of time online, then you want a faster computer. We recommend 900 MHz or higher.

What about repairs? Are you going to have an inhouse support team or is a managed service plan right for you?

Finding Right Business Computer System

We know this all sounds like lot to remember, but a computer network is very important to a small business. You’ll want to thoroughly research before spending your hard-earned dollars. So, if you need help finding and installing the right system for your business, then contact UNIFY Marketing Technology Solutions. We’ll be happy to help!