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Email marketing is a powerful tool that combines the attraction of social media with exclusivity and privacy. According to the Pew Research Center, young adults are just as likely to check their email as their Facebook account on a typical day and older adults still favor email.

The problem is, it isn’t easy to accumulate email addresses. You must provide customers with real value before you can get them to give you their personal information. A lot of marketers use promo codes and whitepapers. They might work, but they may not be as fast as you need them to be.

Add the presence of Wi-Fi in your business location

People love to stay connected. They also love to take advantage of free Wi-Fi in business locations. Bars, restaurants, cafés, and others now provide free Wi-Fi to customers. Some of them have now leveraged on this to collect email addresses with Wi-Fi. Why can’t you do the same?

Before businesses started to use Wi-Fi to get email addresses, they used it to attract more customers and keep these customers on their premises for longer periods. Wi-Fi also helped to keep customers coming back to one’s business location. Statistics have shown that some businesses get as much as 65% repeated customers because they provide free Wi-Fi.

How you can use Wi-Fi to acquire email addresses

What a lot of businesses do is present their Wi-Fi to customers in the form of a customized splash screen. In the splash screen, customers are required to enter their email address. So, customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi access by just entering their email address. You can also provide an additional incentive for them to input their email address by giving them promos and free content.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You can use the services of UNIFYmts to set up a portal for collecting emails in exchange for Wi-Fi access. You just have to connect your access point, run a fast setup, and then see how your email list expands rapidly. This free Wi-Fi email capture will provide several benefits for your business.  

Additional benefits of collecting email addresses through Wi-Fi

Apart from collecting email addresses, you get a whole lot of benefits from using this method.

There are some platforms that allow you to see how long a customer stays in your location and how many times they visit your location. Through the Wi-Fi portal, you can get invaluable insight into how customers use your business.

Traditionally, businesses get feedback on their email marketing campaign by evaluating the use of coupons that are sent via emails. But with email marketing powered by Wi-Fi, you can know those that visited your business location after receiving your message. You can use this input for A/B testing, market segmentation, etc.          

You can track down those that come in after you send an email offer. And you will see a large increase in your return visits.

Practices for Wi-Fi marketing lists    

  • Before you select a Wi-Fi platform, ensure that the Wi-Fi platform supports various login methods. Ensure that the login option it chooses can collect the information that you want. Survey different vendors and select the one with the best captive portal for your business.
  • Ensure that the login option you select does not violate privacy regulations in your locale.
  • Tell your customers how often they’ll receive messages from you and the kind of messages that they will receive.
  • Apart from giving them free internet access, provide them with loyalty programs, coupons, and other benefits.
  • Use the information that you collect to provide better-personalized experiences for your customers. Things like demographic data, number of visits, and other things can be used. Find out what your customers want and give them what they want. This will make you stand out from your competitors.

Do it now!

You have to take steps in the right direction to make your Wi-Fi access a crucial part of your email marketing. Don’t procrastinate and do things ASAP. This way you’ll get a huge jump in your email list without much effort. Your email marketing program will become better and you will see a massive boost in your business. You’ll get more returning customers and you will find out ways by which you can serve them better.


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