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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Receive high-volume, high quality LEADS through Wifi! U-Reach seamlessly collects emails and simplifies your marketing communication. U-Reach will automatically send your new contacts on UNLIMITED number of customizable emails; you don’t even have to click send! Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new service!

How does U-Reach Help?

Connect With Your guests

U-Reach helps you set up a free WiFi hotspot for your customers-complete with a custom-branded login portal in your look and feel.

Understand Your Base

As you guest join your WiFi, we automatically build a customer list complete with visit history, social media, demographics and contact info.

Grow Your Business

U-Reach creates smart marketing campains to find you the best new customers and keep your loyal guests. Oh, and we can tell you just who walked in your door.

Collect Customer Data

Automatically collect customer contact info whenever they join your custom-branded free WiFi.

Build Your Business

Keep track of who your customers’are, how often they visit, and what they are worth to your business.

Real World Engagement

Make your experience a personalized experience with real-time engagement from our automated Smart Messages.

Easy Installation

Get set up in less than five minutes.

After signing up, we will either send you an access point or leverage your existing WiFi. Simply plug in your access point—your customers now have access to free, fast WiFi. One time sign-in gives them WiFi access each time they visit—and puts you on the road to increasing your walk-through rate™.


Customize your brand experience.

Delight your guests with free WiFi and do more than just check the amenity box.

A premium in-house experience

Upload your logo, choose your color scheme and post specials, promotions and messages to make your login portal yours.

Instant engagement

Include special offers, reviews and social media on your login portal to drive engagement while your guest is in your establishment!

Identify your most loyal customers.

The first time a customer accesses your WiFi, U-Reach automatically adds them to your guest database. Each time they come back, we learn more about them—from spending habits and demographics to visit history.

Immediate customer segmentation

Capture context with each piece of contact information, including frequency of visit, gender, or age.

Real-time foot traffic analysis

Review how many customers used WiFi each day (and how many new customers you’ve added!)

Integrations with your toolkit

Automatically sync emails from OpenTable and other tools and help further your business’s reach.


Set it and forget it—

Automated, targeted messages

We’ve determined the most common types of customer behavior to craft a series of Smart Messages that automatically target groups like First-Time, Lost and Loyal customers. Simply enablethe Smart Messages that you’d like to use. We’ll take care of sending the right message at the right time.


—or take control.

Custom message blasts

Looking for a more active role in your marketing? U-Reach lets you craft the the perfect message using either our professionally designed templates or creating your own campaign.


We build a relationship with you as collaboration helps us push for the better. This is the reason why our team consistently produces exceptional results. We continually challenge ourselves and everyone we work with.

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