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Choosing a Quality Security Camera System

Having a quality video camera security system set up in your business can help protect you from a host of potential threats, anything from loiterers to potential shoplifters or thieves looking to steal your business’s private information. According to smallbiztrends.com, surveillance in your business can reduce theft, improve overall business operations, boost productivity and profits, curb sexual harassment issues in the workplace, and even reduce incidents of workplace violence.

A quality video security system, using our software, can provide your business with the following benefits:

  • An open architecture that works with many platforms and allows you to accurately share across multiple platforms, with device support provided.
  • Allows you to access controls to monitor your property and/or business, even from mobile devices.
  • Provides you with complete analytics pertaining to the HD video and camera system allowing you to see what the camera has detected.
  • Web client is compatible with a variety of search engines including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • Easy-to-use interface that provides easy system setup, configuration, recording, and monitoring.
  • Custom role-management allows you to manage and reconfigure the interface of the HD video camera system to meet your business’s needs.
  • Lifetime upgrades included so when new software comes out, you get the latest and best updates to help protect your business – no additional charges.
  • Anywhere from one to thousands of devices can be connected to the interface to help monitor your business, no matter what the size.

Choosing the right camera security system can help keep your business safe. Moreover, it allows you to check on the safety of your business no matter where you are located at the time. Prevent trouble before it even happens! Being proactive can protect you and your business assets from anyone looking to take advantage you.

UNIFY marketing and technology solutions can install a security camera system in your business, providing you with an HD quality video system at a reasonable cost. We’ll install a system that will help you identify potential threats to your business and handle them before serious damages occur.

UNIFYmts is a security camera installer in Toledo Ohio. Learn more about our security camera systems here or contact us to schedule some time to discuss your options!