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There has been a revolution in the customer acquisition industry that illustrates the sheer power of inbound digital marketing. Nearly 75% of all smartphone owners in the United States check their associated emails once a week or more via their mobile devices. Through an effective inbound marketing campaign, companies can achieve the immediacy of a social platform while maintaining the exclusivity of private chats. This is a powerful combination that has already been generating great results for users.

Of course, talking about these campaigns is easier than actually developing and implementing one in real life. People are more hesitant than ever to provide their email addresses in today’s virtual world. In order to generate email lists, you have to be willing to offer something of value in return.

Got WiFi?

If we can learn one thing from email marketing, it’s that the modern human never wants to feel disconnected. Even at restaurants, bars, and other public places, where the goal is making conversation, people still want to connect to a source of WiFi. This is one of the most effective ways to offer value to customers in exchange for their emails.

WiFi isn’t only great for obtaining emails. It has also been proven effective for generating more sales. For example, Starbucks has been able to encourage customers to spend more time in their coffee shops with complimentary WiFi. If you’re trying to sell more of a product or service, keeping potential customers inside your business is a good start. Today, customers come to expect WiFi as a free service. Studies have shown that small businesses are able to increase their customer retention rates with this service.

Customer Acquisition Using WiFi and Email

It’s clear that email and customer acquisition is the key to dominating the content marketing realm. You have to start seeing WiFi as an actual service instead of a convenient amenity. WiFi may even be able to attract some customers that would have passed by your company otherwise.

It’s a growing trend to offer complimentary WiFi in exchange for a user’s email address. Before connecting to the WiFi, customers are sent to a customized splash page where they are asked to enter some personal information. Many companies only request email addresses in order to keep the process as simple as possible. A vast majority of potential customers will see this transaction as a fair trade. This is the foundation for any customer acquisition strategy.

While this business strategy may sound great to everyone, many businesses aren’t sure about how it works logistically. Fortunately, there are many companies like UNIFY marketing & technology solutions that have made it easy for companies to collect emails through a WiFi portal. You’ll only be required to identify an access point, operate a one-time setup function, and wait for an influx of email contacts.

Bonus Value

This lead generating strategy will help you in the process of acquiring new customers. In addition, you’ll be able to track the habits of your website visitors. You’ll learn what search engines are used the most and how frequently particular customers visit your business. Of all customer acquisition strategies, this is also one of the best for boosting brand awareness.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

If you’re ready to optimize your online marketing strategies, you don’t have to devise and implement a complicated or contrived plan. With a simple service such as WiFi, you can start generating a large list of GOOD emails. The best part of this process is that each message you send to those emails will be to someone who has been inside your business. Contact us TODAY to get started!