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The Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly prominent in businesses of all sizes because it’s advantages far out way those of yesterday’s hard copy method. The tool is still new so, it’s easy to understand if you’re not sure of it’s benefits. Read this article to learn about the potential of cloud storage and how to update your current physical storage methods and start to use the innovation of online data storage.

Cloud Storage Facts

When it comes to cloud storage, there are lot of misconceptions. This makes it difficult for both owners and decision makers in business to understand exactly what it is. People have been asking what online storage does since Apple announced it had a new answer to Google Drive and Dropbox.

“The cloud” is where data is kept on remote servers accessible over the internet. The data is operated, managed, and maintain by a storage service provider like UNIFYmts. Research shows that almost 65% of global businesses are using some form of online storage. In the United States 93% of businesses are using the cloud to back up at least some of their data. Storing data online is more than a gimmick of marketing from corporations looking to capitalize on technology. There are professional and personal benefits to online storage systems.

Why Business Needs Online Storage

Not taking advantage of storage in the cloud leaves businesses at risk and puts them behind the times. There are several reasons why the cloud should be incorporated into your office storage systems.

  • Costly infrastructure is eliminated. There is no need to have the online storage maintained at your expense, and systems are not in house.
  • Smaller IT department. There is no need to continually strain the department and hire more people because of additional technology. The IT department may or may not be eliminated, but most of the responsibility will no longer be in house and the budget for IT will be reduced.
  • Reduce footprint while saving on utilities. Replacing physical storage with virtual alternatives can reduce the annual utility bills by thousands of dollars every year.
  • Disaster protection. Only a small percentage of companies make it past the first two years after a major data loss. You are protected from the loss of data due to mistakes, natural disaster, server failure and more.

Managed Services Reduce Confusion

Documents and data can be accessed anywhere whether you’re in the company or at home. Work progress can even be checked on from an airplane or another country. It is easier to centralize when data is synced across various platforms. Storing data virtually does not require syncing, documents are available everywhere as soon as they are uploaded.

Cost Effectiveness

Storage in the cloud is cost effective. You will not spend hundreds or thousands to have physical servers maintained on a monthly basis. Instead you only pay for what you need and can increase as your storage as your needs increase.

There are thousands of businesses using online storage. It’s time for your business to capitalize on the capabilities and resources afforded by cloud storage! Eliminate the risk of lost data and the damage that it can do to your business.

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