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Brand character is vital to a relationship between a company and a customer, just like it is in any solid personal relationship. A brand’s identity absolutely takes on human characteristics when it comes to how people see and engage with a company. There is no doubt that building a brand takes trust. A good brand character is an ambassador for your brand and will be able to build trust and establish credibility in the marketplace. Ideally that individual has a positive and distinctive personality that also becomes the brand’s personality. Using this approach will, over time, create a brand identity that is the biggest asset that any consumer facing company can cultivate.

Building brand character is really about connecting with the customer. It’s important to speak to your core audience in an authentic way that can be easily perceived as humble and human. This strategy will ultimately endear your brand to the customer. (Side note: Social media is a great tool for this because it helps to define the brand – on a human level – to a target audience.)

The Building Blocks

One of the key points to establishing a brand is that it takes time and cannot be rushed or forced upon the customer. The brand needs to be built upon solid values and ideals that will stand the test of time and weather a few storms. The first step is to define those values and ideals that are a non-negotiable part of your company. Only after that point can you truly start to think about building the character of a brand.

Who’s the Face of your Brand Character?

The character building of your company needs to be thought of as an art rather than a science. Start the process with an open mind and you might be surprised at where the process may take you. If you are building character around a spokesperson it is very important that the person has a character that aligns with where you want to go with your brand for the long-term. If you are going with an established character, you need to have taken the pulse of your customer base to make sure that the person resonates in the correct way. This is the faster route, but it also can yield problems if their persona is not aligned with where you want to take your company. If you are building from the ground up with an original character representative, it is imperative to take a long-term approach and be tied hand in hand with that person. There are no shortcuts with this process and the only way to build trust with consumers is to foster loyalty around a set of ideas that they identify with and feel are authentic.

Stay True to Your Vision

At the end of the day, the important part about your brand is that it has staying power. You need to be thinking about ideals that will last over the long haul and beyond any fads that may crop up. Attach your brand to talented, ethical people who want the same long-term success as your brand does and you will be successful.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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