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Why You Should Be Using Facebook Pixel Advertising As A Business Owner

A Facebook pixel is an advertising tool that measures the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising by tracking the actions people take on your website. The pixel itself is a unique code that you place on your website. This code helps track conversions created by Facebook advertising. Perhaps more importantly, it also has the ability to create specific targeted audiences for other upcoming ads. However, there are requirements before you start doing Facebook pixel advertising. For example, having an operational Facebook Ad account and getting access to your website, and knowing how to setup the pixel in the back-end.

UNIFYmts is here to help with the setup, but here’s why you should get started on the process ASAP.

Relevant engagement

Facebook pixel advertising helps you market ads to your target audience. At its simplest form, Ads Manager can help you choose a particular audience who has shown an interest in the kinds of products or services you’ve featured in your ads. As you dive deeper into Facebook advertising, you’ll find each unique Facebook pixel generates signals that help you re-target web visitors. Its information also makes it easy to target high-value customers with custom audiences. These are consumers who are more likely to complement your brand on social media based on positive past purchase experiences. All these things consequently affect purchase decisions.

Knowing your audience

Since many online shoppers most concerned about price and reviews when making their purchasing decisions, creators of Facebook ads try to format their ads in such a way that makes them stand out to their target consumers. Knowing what your audience likes and dislikes will help spark Facebook engagement. It can also lead to more website visits.

Lengthier shopping journeys

The great aspect about the information provided by the Facebook pixel is that it identifies the amount of time people are browsing through products as they look for that one thing they can’t live without. With that information, you can make specific suggestions to buyers before they checkout or drop off the site. This targeted group become the leads on your website.

Facebook pixel advertising plays a significant role in re-target web visitors who are also potential customers. It also makes sure you get the best returns from your social ad budget. Interaction with people on your website makes Facebook pixel advertising prolific. With fewer requirements to make all this possible, Facebook pixel advertising proves to be a productive online advertising strategy. When you are ready to get your Facebook Pixel code set up, give us a call 419-740-1010!