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The internet has completely and totally transformed the world of marketing and advertising in a way that most people couldn’t have ever expected even just 15 years ago or so – and it continues to change the fundamentals of business on a day by day basis going forward.

Sure, legacy advertising using traditional media and marketing channels are still helping to drum up business (there is no shortage of radio, television, or print ads), but smart money is pouring into the internet faster than ever before with savvy and strategic entrepreneurs leveraging all of the benefits that digital marketing offers using online ads and search engines.

If you are serious about building a successful business these days you absolutely MUST be creating ad campaigns with the intent to market and advertise digitally. We live in a hyper competitive business environment that has never existed before, and if you are going to drum up the kind of business you need to succeed these days – the kind of business that can make your financial dreams a reality – your money has to be on digital advertising.

Digital advertising offers unparalleled targeting

The biggest benefit that you are going to be able to enjoy when you move the bulk of your marketing and advertising budget over to the digital realm, for example in social media, is the advantage of being able to laser target your perfect prospect – and only your perfect prospect – without any waste, without any extra expense, and without having to worry about getting any “wrong” prospects into your sales funnel.

Because of the immense amount of data available for smart and savvy online marketers to take advantage of today it’s now possible to really laser in on your perfect prospect and put your marketing and advertising messages in front of them and only them.

This will inevitably bump up your conversion rate and improve your Return On Investment (ROI), helping you to grow your business and your bottom line at the same time.

The ROI from digital advertising is unmatched

There hasn’t ever been a marketing or advertising channel for product and service that offers the kind of ROI figures that digital advertising offers when you have ads running. Pay per click is a relatively new marketing and advertising product that can keep your ad spending low and returns high.

It’s possible to spend pennies on a digital ad to capture the attention of your perfect prospects (target audience) and even less to convert them into paying customers – with ROI figures reaching 1000% or more without any difficulty whatsoever.

Obviously, the average return on investment isn’t going to be quite that high – but it isn’t at all unreasonable to expect a 100% or higher return on your investment for every single dollar that you invest in this online advertising approach.

Because of the tools available for testing, optimizing, and improving each of your digital advertising campaigns you can really take things to the next level, measuring your improvements or your changes on the fly so that you don’t waste any money and improve your ROI continuously.

Major digital marketing and advertising platforms are effortless to get started with

All of the major digital marketing and advertising platforms out there (especially platforms like Google AdWords, the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, Facebook Advertising, other social platforms, etc.) provide you with an opportunity to get started with digital advertising that doesn’t require a university level education in these tools.

Instead, you’re going to be able to hit the ground running almost immediately, leveraging the simple and straightforward – but incredibly flexible and powerful – tools to build your online presence, to grow your online advertising and marketing, and to succeed in the middle of the most competitive business environment that’s ever existed.

Tracking tools, retargeting tools, and other optimization solutions are built right into these platforms. This gives you the entire smart marketers toolbox to have at your disposal without any fiddling or fooling around with difficult to manipulate solutions, opening up a world of online advertising and digital marketing opportunities that just didn’t exist before.

No time for digital based marketing and advertising?

UNIFY marketing and technology solutions is here to help! UNIFYmts can handle all your SEO and other marketing and advertising projects so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Let’s have a conversation over coffee to discuss how we can move your business forward.