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Blogging helps your business stay relevant and show the personality, information, and experience that will distinguish your business from competitors and even compete in a larger market. If you want to grow your target audience, your business needs a blog.

If you sell a service, as a small business, blogging can be a great way to build your client’s confidence in you and your products. You can establish authority in your field by displaying your credentials and your abilities. By being able to tell a story, you can increase interest in products or in your company as a whole.

Small businesses can even benefit by promoting similar businesses on the their blogs in the form of advertising. At the very least, you benefit by opening a dialogue with clients and potential customers. The best businesses tend to be those who take the time to develop relationships with their consumers.

Some bloggers offer newsletters that fans of their blog can sign up for. This gives them the ability to build a list of email addresses. This list is invaluable when it comes to leads for your products or future products. Building a great list of names and emails that are potentially buyers of additional products can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to you in repeat business. Want to test the waters with a new product? Write a blog about it and see what feedback you get.

Unlike most journalists, bloggers are not generally neutral in the things they write. It isn’t overly difficult to build an audience with these types of blogs. You will attract people on both sides of the fence. Some that the internet refers to as ‘trolls’ are only interested in upsetting people and planting the seeds of fake news and ideas. Be prepared to deal with trolls and with people who will differ in opinion and be quite vocal about it. Sometimes people will have had a bad experience with a product and blast this on your blogs.

If you can handle conjecture with confidence and knowledge then you can establish yourself as someone who is an authority in your chosen genre. Some people have managed to build audiences from all over the world and make passive incomes from the advertising on their sites. It is not impossible to earn a living strictly from the advertising dollars earned if you build a big enough audience as a blogger. Attract an audience and sales will increase.

Create opportunities by interacting with customers or clients. People feel they have input in this way. Customers, and potential customers, can ask questions in comment section of a blog. Tell your story to them. This enables you to build personal relationships with your clients in a way that an ad in a magazine could never do. Blogging has become one of the best ways of reaching your client base.

So, what’s the next step? Set your blogging goals! Start by reading this Huffington Post article 12 Distinct Goals for Business Blogging and see what 12 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) have to say about how content helps their companies grow.

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