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Why isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

The goal of any type of website should be to attract not only a substantial amount of visitors, but the right visitors. Attracting the right visitors means that the visitors to your website are more likely to convert into leads and subsequently to customers. Attracting those potential customers means that you must first make sure that your site is generating enough overall website traffic so you can begin to filter through each visitor. There can be many reasons why no one is coming to your website, finding out why is the first step toward repairing your digital web presence. Here are some of the most common issues and the relevant solutions.

  • The first reason could be accessibility problems. Your website will have to be hosted using a domain. There may be something wrong with your hosting. It could be the fault of your website host or there may be issues with the domain, server or uplink. Basically, the site is unreachable and hence no one is succeeding at finding your website, even if you have advertised the address through multiple mediums. You need to figure out the exact issue and resolve it immediately. Whether you are working with a designer who publishes your website, marketing agency, or digital advertising specialist, this is a problem that is easily fixed and entirely avoidable. It really should never happen Such a problem should not exist in the first place. Unfortunately, we still come across small business websites each day that are inaccessible or unreachable. If your company is experiencing this today, stop reading, pickup the phone and call an expert.
  • The second reason for your site generating little or no traffic could be the lack of search engine optimization. Every website in the world needs to be indexed with search engines. Very few people use a website address and type it directly into the browser. Most people use search engines to find the information they are looking for. Even if people have the URL address of a particular company, they are likely to enter it in the search bar of sites like Google and Bing than type it directly into the address bar of an internet browser. If your website is not properly indexed in the directories of Google and Bing among others, then they would not list your website on their search engine result pages. As a result, people will not find your website when they search with the keywords that you may have targeted with the contents on every webpage.
  • Even if you have indexed your site in the directories of Google and Bing, among others, the quality of search engine optimization (SEO) will determine its rank and hence its placement on the result pages when relevant keywords are searched. If your site appears on the fifth page or the tenth page of the search engine results, it is unlikely to generate any traffic from such exposure. Most internet users are unlikely to go beyond the first or at the most second page of search engine results. Your site content must be reviewed and the contents may need to be rewritten with the help of SEO tools. It is not just about the keyword optimization within your content on every webpage. Everything, from the website design to the layout or sitemap, the optimization of every webpage at the url level to using proper meta tags, descriptions, headlines and links, will matter and have a direct impact on search engine ranking.
  • Websites that are hosted properly and available to handle the expected traffic, with contents well optimized for the targeted keywords and everything else being seemingly fine, may not be accessible for internet users due to security reasons. It is possible your website is infected by viruses, spyware, adware and malware or has been the target of phishing attacks or denial of service attacks. If search engines like Google and Bing detect any security issues in your website and determine that their users are at risk if they are redirected to your website, then they can basically blacklist your website. The website will not appear on search results. If the security risk is not severe, then the site may appear but with a flag highlighting that users should be cautious while visiting such websites as there is a risk to their online security. The solution is simple. Websites must be impeccably secured and must not possess any threat to any browser or visitor.

Your website may be experiencing one or all of these problems. You should identify the exact problems and call on UNIFY marketing & technology solutions to remedy them so your website can be accessible for your target audience. Generating enough traffic is the primary objective of having a website. The entire subsequent chain of events will be a nonstarter if no one is visiting your website

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