Why is professional security camera installation important? Every person’s safety should always be a top priority, whether it’s a house, store, or an office building in the Toledo area. Criminal activity such as burglary, assault, or vandalizing of public property are bound to happen at some point, but with something watching over the area 24/7, criminals can be deterred. UNIFYmts has the experience to get this done right for your business. To get an idea of what we do for our customers, here’s why professional security camera installation is important!

Why is Professional Security Camera Installation Important?

If you think it’s easy, think again. Because home DIY kits are often improperly set up, they’re vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Professionally installed systems are less likely to be vulnerable because the security settings, such as default passwords and port numbers, will be changed on installation.

Our Use of Information Technology

At UNIFYmts, we work hard on choosing the right kind of IT for our clients, especially when they have to rely on a specific form of methodology. Our services are efficient to use for our customers, easy to follow, and affordable to purchase! We want to keep everything as approachable as possible, especially when there are individuals that aren’t used to working with this kind of info tech. Even when there’s a chance that a camera won’t be enough to protect the neighborhood, we will make sure that it’s able to protect your place!

How Does the IT in a Security Camera Work?

Recent IT advancements have made everything that we provide for our customers worth the price of admission! Our customers have either IP cameras or analog cameras that make surveying any area better than ever. We provide the quickest installation compared to our rival IT brands, yet we also provide quality in our products. There’s not rushing the install and calling it a day. We provide an Android app to have access to your cameras. As long as an Internet connection is available, everything’s all set to be used, even if the app is working away from where the camera(s) is/are installed! Another aspect of our app is to send pics for email notifications. Our customers can access the camera through a web browser, and they can even use https access for their personal domain name.

Our cameras feature the best there is with both video and audio capture! With our cameras, our clients can check over the productivity of their employees, protect the working place at all times from theft or any unexpected outbursts. Security cameras protect both workers and customers, keeping them safe throughout the day.

Our Digital Surveillance Systems

For any new customers that want to get a hold of our services, they can get the quality they deserve for their surveillance cameras. Our cost effective solutions are perfect for those on a budget. Our software and hardware remains top-notch and never out of date! The content design continues to be suited for a workplace and our customers’ needs. Installation is fast yet never rushed, and support for our customers won’t leave anything to be desired, regardless of what their problems may be.

If you’re looking to have a security system installed in or outside your business, give UNIFY marketing & technology solutions a call TODAY! We’ll ensure your new camera system protects all your assets!


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