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When it comes to social media profiles, everyone wants to be able to stake their claim and find a way to make their voices heard among the crowd. There are so many social media platforms out there like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. that are all designed to be outlets where people can get their thoughts out into the world and make a name for themselves and/ or their personal brand or business. Everyone wants to use social selling to get their names out there, but few people know what to do to improve your social media presence. Below are a few tips on learning how to improve your social media presence and take your business from doing okay, to gaining a large following and having more business than ever.

1.) Have clear goals for your social media presence 

The first thing you need to do to start gaining a bigger social network is to be very clear about what the goals and objectives are for your business and create a social media strategy. So, before you even start posting things onto your social media accounts or websites of choice, know where you are trying to take your business and what objectives you are hoping to accomplish by posting. Having these things clearly defined is a great foundation when you start to engage your audience.

2.) Be yourself – be human!

Your target audience wants to know that they are interacting with someone that they can relate too. This means that you need to be posting on your social media platforms on a consistent basis. You cannot just share a blog post once a week and expect people to buy into what you are selling because they read an article you posted. You need to post things and then be intentional about interacting with your audience. Comment on things that your followers post, respond to comments they put on your posts. When you interact with your audience you make yourself more personable and they feel connected to you which means they will be more willing to follow you closely, look at your website, trust your brand, and buy into what you are selling.

3.) Understand what your audience needs from you

When you talk to your audience on a personal level and find out exactly what they are looking for, then you can give them what they really need. Building relationships with your followers great a fantastic way to start promoting your business. When you are posting consistently and delivering entertaining and engaging visual content, your audience will grow and more people will come to your website and start building up your business.

4.) Sharing really is caring

Don’t be shy when it comes to digital marketing your social media business platforms. You have to be bold and take the reins to start sharing with everyone on your friend’s lists and then some. There is a difference in sharing in an obnoxious way, and consistently sharing your content with people you know. When you share consistently, then people start to notice you and notice your business and are willing to share what you write with people that they know as well! A new spin on the old word of mouth method!

5.) Hiring a social media manager

Growing your social media presence sounds easy, right? But there’s one last thing to consider. Social media marketing is like a living, breathing animal that needs to be managed regularly. Do you have time for that? There is good news! There are great social media managers, like the ones at UNIFYmts, who can help you use social media platforms to grow your business. 

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