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Twenty years ago no one would have questioned the need for web designers and developers. A staggering majority of people, and actually most people around the world, had no idea of what a website interface design was. Only a handful of software programmers and designers had the html css knowledge and technical expertise to develop a website. Today, the scenario is quite different. There are free open source content management systems including website builders. These have effectively become turnkey solutions. Many companies are thus opting for such plug and play setups to create their website. This has brought forth a pertinent question. Why do I need a web designer for my web pages?

This is the era of do-it-yourself enthusiasts and hence many entrepreneurs and business owners think that building their own website is not only a financially pragmatic choice, but also a viable one. While it is true that avoiding a web designer can save you some money, but it is definitely not a viable option if you are serious about your business. The answer to why you need a web designer and web developer is quite simple. You need these web experts for the same reason you would hire an expert or an experienced professional for most things in your life and business. You would need a mechanic to fix your car, a carpenter for your furniture, a plumber to work on your pipes, drainage and sewage, a roofer for your roof and a property developer for your home or office. If you want your web graphics to WOW your audience, you’ll need a professional’s eye and a coders skill to get it done right.

Professional Web Design vs. DIY Hacks

An average consumer or internet user can always differentiate between a professional website design and one that has been put together by someone with little or no expertise in web design. No matter how advanced open source solutions have become and how amazing their features are, there will always be a difference in quality of a product designed by a professional and an amateur or novice. There are auto tune software available today, music composing tools that don’t require someone to be an expert in a specific instrument and editing applications that can apparently make anyone with some training in music to become a producer and composer. This does not mean an amateur can produce the quality of music that the likes of John Williams, Hans Zimmer or late James Horner have produced over the years.

Your website should look professional. It is your virtual identity and is quintessential to branding. It will be the online interface connecting you with your entire target audience. Providing a great user experience with visually appealing graphic design not only showcases your prowess, but can also facilitate sales and provide customer service. There is no way a random template or a mosaic of different pages can become an impressive official website for any business.

Web Design is just the Beginning

When creating your web presence, it is not enough to create a few pages, to buy a domain and to choose a web host to launch a website. The scope of web design has expanded exponentially in recent years. A website needs to be optimized. It must not only have state of the art features but also make its presence felt on search engine result pages. Website ranking is pivotal to online success. A website needs to live, all the time. There should be enough bandwidth to ensure the server can endure the traffic. The website should not freeze, it should not be inaccessible, it should perform efficiently and every feature should work like it is designed to. A good web site should have appealing visual design, be secured, it should have convenient navigation, and list your privacy policy. Additionally, all contents must be updated and there should be a web of links connecting the site to its social media channels, emails, and databases among others.

All such demands can be overwhelming for anyone who is not an expert web designer. Entrepreneurs or business owners cannot spend several hours every day attending to the nitty-gritty of their websites. This will lead to a major crisis in the core operative area of the business. Owners of businesses, be it startups or established enterprises, should focus on what they are good at. They should allow a professional web designer to take care of everything pertaining to the website. This is the only rational approach. All other options are nonstarters, even if they appear to be doable or viable.

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