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Access control is a system of security that controls who has access to specific resources. Thereby, reducing the risk of an employee gaining access to delicate information or physical entrance. Access control is used on computers or physical locks to doors.

Access Control

In the name, access control is to control access. Rather it is physical or digital. It is important for businesses to allow employees to access important information. But to limit that access to non-trusted individuals. With modern access control, businesses can provide a report on who has accessed confidential information. Such systems provide a record of the user’s login and password, what group they belong to, and their actions. A business may use the reports for risk management, security audits, compliance, or training.

The safety of the company is important. Access control will help with that safety. Businesses benefit from these security systems, as it greatly reduces the number of employees who have unauthorized access to company resources. If an individual tries to access private information they will be denied. The system will also record the employee’s actions and the owner can take action as necessary.

Types of Security

Businesses benefit from security systems such as video surveillance. It is a very effective tool in stopping activities that are in progress. Using video surveillance, business owners can see who has entered and left a room, at what time, and what they were doing while they were there. If employees are caught stealing company property or engaging in criminal activity, this will serve as evidence for authorities. In addition, security cameras are placed at strategic locations within a company. These cameras can provide business owners with real-time video images of what’s happening on the premises. However, security cameras are expensive and it is unrealistic to have cameras recording at all times.

Businesses can use motion detectors, for example, which will active through suspicious motion. Employees who violate the company’s rules and can be caught by video surveillance. Also, business owners will find that using electronic access control systems will reduce the amount of theft that occurs within their workplace.

Although security cameras and motion detectors deter crime. These systems do not allow access to the areas they are monitoring. Therefore, access controls provide employees access to restricted areas.

UNIFYmts and Access Control

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