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The Changes coming to Email Marketing In 2020

The changes coming to email marketing in 2020 are pretty big. This type of digital marketing is constantly having to change and adapt and make some new strides in order to keep up with ever-changing technology so that it can help your business continue to thrive. Even with technology changing more and more, research suggests that people check their emails more than they do anything else, suggesting that email marketing is still incredibly powerful to every culture and generation and is as effective as ever. Though email marketing has stayed strong and steady throughout several decades it has had to stay with the culture so that people keep using it, so what are the changes coming to the future of email marketing in 2020 that will keep people interested and using it?

Content that is based on the users

This is where you gather and analyze the information that your users respond to the best and helps you use email marketing tactics that speak to your customers better. When you father this type of information, you can better push content that speaks to your audience better and makes them feel as though you are authentic which in turn improves your conversion rates from prospective clients to buying customers and keeps existing customers with you.

Being more interactive with your customers

If a big question that you have is what are the changes coming to email marketing in 2020, then you need to think about ways to get people to respond to your updates. This means that your emails need to create interactive emails that encourage people to respond to you. 2020 is rolling out some great elements that help you do this like an animated call to action buttons, ways to showcase your product, interactive images, surveys, and polls. Email design is becoming more and more important. Also, think about your subject lines. Are they as enticing as they need to be? Anything that gets existing and potential customers to interact with you will help your business grow. 

Making your emails more accessible than ever

In order to get more feedback from people and have people be able to access your emails easier, then you need to make your email format as accessible as possible. You also need to make sure that your emails are not short, but that they are concise. If you send people lengthy emails that go around and around, then they will lose attention to something else and forget all about your message. Marketing changes for 2020 show that sending out emails that are about 50 words, give or take about ten words, is the perfect length for an email. Do this by using smaller sentences, don’t use words that are hard to understand, and make sure your content is easy enough for anyone to follow.

Some of these marketing tips have been in the works for some time, but 2020 will show them becoming more refined and easier to do. Following these tips as we enter into 2020 will help your business get more email opens that will grow and expand your brand in ways you never expected as more people respond to your emails and learn about your product.

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