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Website design is constantly evolving. New trends are emerging all the time. Here, we look at 6 of the biggest website design trends likely to impact your website in 2022.

1. Compelling Images

The use of images in website design is becoming more prominent and is among Website Design Trends 2022. These are not just ordinary images, though. We are seeing a move towards what is known as “Hero Images” on websites, where the site’s main idea acts almost like a large infographic to get important information across quickly. Additionally, ever-increasing resolutions mean that these images will have to be more prominent in the future.

2. Attention to the typography

Typography is an art, and the use of HTML5 web fonts makes it easy to play around with different typefaces. This allows for websites with unique designs that still have a professional feel. A clean text-based layout is replacing dazzling displays with exciting typefaces. The future is all about the words on your website.

3. Interactive Graphics

GIFs to illustrate points and add a bit of humor to a website is among Website Design Trends 2022. Even the most mundane website can benefit from using images or other graphics in this way. This is an excellent way to make your site more engaging and convert visitors into valuable leads. The rise in AI will also mean that websites will convert images into interactive graphics using a technology known as “computer vision.”

4. Mobile inventory

As the number of people browsing the Internet on their mobile phones continues to increase, we can expect our inventory to be available for purchase on these devices. This was already made possible by opening up e-commerce sites to mobile browsers, but now it can be used on any website.

5. Rise of the chatbots

As AI increases, we see more and more advancements in this field. One of these is the ability of AI programs to have natural conversations with humans without using verbal cues or commands. These are known as “chatbots,” and we can expect to see them in action on websites in the future.

The more information about your users you can get, the better you can tailor your website to their needs. From analyzing previous navigation paths on your site to recording customer interactions with forms, collecting data on your customers is critical for providing a personalized experience in the future. More browsers supporting the technology required to track such interactions (such as HTML5 and JavaScript) are a big part of this trend.

6. Frictionless forms

Frictionless forms is among Website Design Trends 2022. We are moving towards an “asynchronous” form of e-commerce, where websites deliver the products they sell later. This is thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning that have made it possible for computers to generate unique customer experiences by analyzing their browsing history, preferences, and other data. As a result, we can expect more websites to use chatbots and AI-generated suggestions for future purchases. The end goal is a one-click checkout feature on a website that knows you better than your favorite online shop does.

There you have it! Six emerging website design trends that will impact your site in 2022. to get the best website designs, we, UNIFY marketing & technology (a.k.a – UNIFYmts), are your solution. You can also follow us on Facebook!