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When it comes to making sales online, there are few places more important to optimize than your website. Leading potential customers to a mobile friendly web page from ┬ásocial media, email, and chat groups gives you the opportunity to then make the hard sell. Let’s take a look at a few website design tips that will help you make the most of your site, and turn it into a valuable part of your sales funnel.

Photography is KEY

When you create a website it can be easy to think of your graphics as an afterthought. However, this is actually a very important design element that you want to pay close attention to because it can easily set the tone of your site at a glance, and work to keep visitors on the page instead of clicking away.

The general rule for graphics/photography is that every image must earn its place. Whether it is a blog posts or sales pages, only include graphics that have a good reason to be there. Graphics and images just for the sake of them are nothing but a distraction, and can derail the reader’s thought process, leading to missed sales.

Minimalist Menus

The last thing you want is for your website visitors to get lost on your site, and either click off, or navigate to areas that won’t sell them on your products and/or services. While website navigation is something that should be taken care of in the design process, you can always go back and simplify the menus, and create a better user experience.

The key here is to make your menus simple, easy to find, and easy to understand. If a visitor wants to find info on “puppy chow” don’t make them go through three or four links to get there, just have a category, or sub category dedicated to that topic.

It’s About Your Story – Not Just Your Product

While your website is the best place to do your selling online, it is also the best place to tell the story of your brand. Even if you’re a small business it is always great to have a page or section that gives your visitors some information on who you are, what you stand for, and how you came to be. In some cases listings of your staff can help to make your brand feel more personal as well.

In-Store Only Offers

One of the best website design tips you can follow is to use your site to get people to visit your real life store if you have one. This can be done by using important elements such as a simple style guide, SEO for the search engines, smart website design, and a strong call to action.

Just remember that when using this strategy to avoid white space on your pages, as it can create a disjointed reader experience, and leave people clicking off your site instead of coming to visit your store.

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