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Search engine use is becoming the go-to for optimal brand exposure and digital marketing. Our goal at UNIFY marketing and technology solutions is to provide everything a business owner needs in order to ignite their online marketing to create insane profits and exposure. Our team of specially trained SEO experts have narrowed down the top five SEO trends for 2019.

Why are SEO trends crucial for internet traffic?

Search engine optimization, SEO, is used to provide accurate and informative results through keywords. SEO is responsible for all the organic search and rankings on the initial pages. Featured snippets, the brief description of the link, contain the SEO keywords. UNIFY’s expertise has the ability to launch businesses to next level sales and exposure. Our team has reviewed countless algorithm updates and with the upcoming 2019 SEO trends, it is imperative for any online business to understand and apply them.

#1: Mobile First Index

Mobile devices are becoming more prevalent for search engine use. Specifically, google search has begun increasing the rank of mobile-friendly sites. Mobile-first indexing is the term used for this process. Businesses will have twice the exposure possibility when making mobile-friendly versions of their website. This is extremely beneficial in content marketing and exposure for informational websites.

#2: Page Speed

Positive user experience is the goal behind every engine. How fast a page loads, in combination with mobile capability, will begin to help determine SEO. This will be heavy for social media pages and websites with heavy loads of information and graphics. Page speed is determined by the collection of data from each user and the platform, mobile or desktop.

#3: Brand as a Ranking Signal

Search engines are becoming more advanced through machine learning. They are not only identifying brands but the reputation behind the products and company. SEO is now taking into account the reputation and context of the company into the ranking. Creating a well rounded online presence is imperative to a business.

#4: General Data Protection Regulation

General data protection regulation (GDPR) will also tie into the SEO ranking when it comes to google. The recently passed regulation currently only applies to European users stating that user data accumulated will not be at the discretion of companies any longer. All data collected will be at the user’s allowance. Google has updated their analytics to include this across their platform for every country. Websites must allow the user to request information on the data that is collected and all data will be removed after a certain time period. Websites that incorporate this policy will have higher SEO ratings within google.

#5: Amazon Search

Amazon for consumers is becoming the go-to source for online product sales. With the influx of products, competition has grown rapidly. SEO components in the product title and description is pivotal for item attention.

At UNIFYmts, we take pride in providing all aspects of SEO trends and SEO strategies into our services to give superior search results. We are here to create the brand that businesses desire and the expertise they need to surpass the competition. Contact us to learn more TODAY!

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