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A VoIP system will greatly improve business productivity. Voice over Internet Protocol allows us to receive phone calls as well as make phone calls over the internet. The process involves the conversion of an analog phone signal and turned into a digital signal. After the digital signage, it is sent through an IP network online.
Many of us have already opted out of using traditional phone lines and switched to phone systems. The only thing needed is a stable internet connection. This article is to help point out great reasons why the time for a switch might be today.

1. Conference Calls

A scheduled conference call is a great way to interact with a large number of employees. The solution will have our team conference up and running in no time. Therefore, a strong internet connection is crucial to reach team members.

2. Dashboard Functions in Real-Time

Managers like the fact that the dashboard is in real-time and allows for direct interaction with the call center and their interactions. Keeping up with the call center on a minute-by-minute basis allows a manager to identify struggling employees and help the employee with the prospect on the line. Above all, this ability to stay on top of the call center will help bring quicker and more powerful solutions, which can help call center agents be more successful.

3. Record Calls

Recording a phone call can add much value to the efforts of a call agent. Likewise, when our agents have issues closing a deal or keeping potential sales leads on the phone, our managers can listen and learn from the recorded messages and this can lead to better results. All outbound and inbound phone calls are automatically recorded by the system.

Contact History

With a system to track your full client roster contact history, retrieving necessary information is only a few clicks away. The system works great to identify clients with who you interact, meaning our phone agents will always be able to identify who they are speaking with. Before making contact with a client, a pop-up window will arrive on the screen to show the client’s full call interaction background. No longer do our agents struggle to find the needed details from the last phone call.


Many times we step away from our phone, turn off notifications, or simply are unavailable to receive a phone call and in these cases the callback features of the system are great. Scheduling returned calls, automated email responses, and requests for more information are system automation procedures that can be put in place to automatically respond to missed phone calls.


Improve Business Productivity Today!

In conclusion, this new internet phone system is taking the place of traditional phone lines. UNIFYmts can help install or repair your new phone system. The system helps a company increase productivity and deliver better service. Call us today to improve your business productivity. To read more about VoIP systems visit our webpage you can also follow us on Facebook!