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There was a time when connecting to your target demographic with your marketing efforts was easy. With the baby boomers and the generations that came before them, you merely purchased newspaper space in an area that was populated with the demographic that you wanted to reach, or you purchased radio or TV ads on outlets and during programming that was highly rated for your demographic that you wanted to hear your message. These days however it’s a lot more complicated. Beginning with the rise of Generation X, traditional advertising started to fail in its effectiveness. Subsequently, the Millennial Customer Audience has made things even more difficult thanks to the advent of social media and the beginning of the hyper-connected age of humanity. With this in mind, it can be difficult at best to connect with these younger consumers, but it is more important than ever that you do so since they are rapidly becoming the largest single consumer block, voting block, and cultural influence block that humanity has ever known.

A Fundamentally Different Type of Customer

Millennials are more than just tech savvy. Baby boomers were tech savvy, but they still related to traditional marketing in the ’80s, and the same was true to a lesser degree of GenX in the 90s. The difference is that millennials have grown up with mobile phones being more than just a way to take a call on the go, they are an integral part of daily life that has woven itself into every aspect of almost everything that we do day to day. These consumers prefer to engage with the brands and names that they choose to trust and do business with based on a very dynamic relationship that is largely based on social perception. Choosing to engage with the millennial customer on a social level is perhaps the most important tip on how to reach and engage the millennial customer audience.

Keep The Focus on Them as a Customer

Another important thing to know about engaging with a millennial audience is that they expect you to be very customer centric. They believe in excellent customer service, especially when it is dispensed rapidly. This is a generation that is very disenfranchised with “the system” and is starting to undertake massive action to change it quickly. If they perceive that you are part of the “broken” aspect of the system they will not want to do business with you. To that effect, they believe that caring, quick, and satisfying customer service is an indicator of your commitment to responsible and socially conscious practices. It’s important to see them as people and not just another service ticket on a computer screen.

Keep It Simple and Uncomplicated

Millennials also expect a customer experience that is dynamic and active. They want to be able to get answers, place orders, check statuses, and connect with customer service in real time and in an engaging way. This is highly important, millennials lead very busy lives filled with different interests and activities. They do not want to have to deal with delays or excuses, they want real-time communications and straightforward answers.

Just keep these simple concepts in mind:

Millennial live with their mobile phones

Millennial generation consumers prefer a dynamic customer experience

Millennials expect top level customer service without excuses or delays and prefer it in the form of real time communications

Millennials like to engage via social media, and want a customer centric corporate philosophy to be expressed in everything that you do

Let UNIFYmts Help You Target the Millennial Customer Audience

These tips are just the beginning of the myriad of ways that you can engage with the millennial customer audience in a way that is effective and gets the results that you need. We would be happy to help you discover all of the ways that you can connect with this highly valuable audience. Call us today at (419) 740-1010 and let us help you tailor your marketing to take advantage of the new and powerful trends that will let you tap into the largest and most influential customer base the world has ever seen.