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You might have a perception that a business website is all about views, right? Wrong. Having a huge website audience and lots of traffic to your site is important, but getting them to spend time actually viewing your site is equally good, if not more important. Google metrics rank web pages depending on how the visitors are engaged. If visitors come and leave immediately, you might get punished, and your page will rank low on the search engine. Here are some handy tips to get website viewers to stay on your page for a longer period.

1. Place Call-to-Action Strategically

One method of getting website visitors to stay for a longer period on your site is placing a call-to-action at strategic places on every page. These call to action messages should be used to direct your viewers to click and move to other pages within the website where they can get additional information about a particular product or service. Call-to-actions are very useful as they push viewers into decision making and finally converting them into customers.

2. Create Scannable Content

Website audiences do not spend time trying to read all the content that you have published on your site. In fact, most of them move quickly trying to get specific words and phrases. Therefore, you have to make your content scannable by using short sentence that have a direct meaning. Moreover, short paragraphs with two or three sentences are scannable. You can also use numbering or bullet points so that your visitors can scan the content with ease.

3. Add Value to Your Content

Many website owners focus on optimizing the content that they are publishing on their sites while giving very little attention to the value of the content. This is a huge mistake. If you want your website audience to stay for a longer period and come back, you should offer valuable and informative content. People visit your site for a particular purpose, and you should make sure that you serve that purpose. Offering low-value content will lower your credibility and increase bounce rate.

4. Improve Your Visual Design

You don’t want your site to create a negative impression on your target audience. You want them to visit your website and buy products and services with ease. For you to achieve this, you want to give visitors an eye catching visual design. If your page looks dull and poorly designed, your audience might feel less confident about you, your content, product, and services.

5. Enhance User Experience

You want your website audience to feel that they are in the right place every time they visit your website. This can be done by making your site easy to use. Your landing pages should have clear information about how one can navigate from one page to the other. You can also use videos and high-quality images to enhance user experience.

6. Reduce Page Loading Time

Good content and quality images will not make web visitors wait for one minute. A loading time of thirty seconds will lower your conversion rates by more than 7%. You need to make your web page easy to load through any medium; mobile or personal computer. At the end of the day, if your site doesn’t load almost instantaneously, please will lose interest and leave.

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