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Strategic advertising is an important part of running a successful business. When an opportunity to promote your company presents itself, being prepared is vital. Whether you are operating a startup, a small business, or large corporation, website advertising can function on a global scale and bring customers to your company almost as quickly as word-of-mouth endorsements.

Reaching the eyes, ears, minds, and hearts of consumers is essential to remaining relevant in any industry, and sometimes that requires the use of well-made business cards, brochures, flyers, and other hand-outs. However, in the age of information and technology, also having a website can present numerous possibilities that the traditional business card simply cannot. In fact, today’s most successful marketing strategists tend to think that an attractive and functional website is far more important than any card you may be carrying.

A properly functioning business website is one of the strongest marketing tools any company can have. Being recognized as a respected leader in your industry takes innovation, but innovation is nothing without a well-thought-out marketing ploy. While outbound marketing techniques have worked in the past, the world is changing at an exponential speed. Now, inbound methods are becoming more effective in numerous ways, and that means establishing a website for your company while still handing out business cards when you get the chance.

Why Websites Are Useful for Marketing

With properly executed inbound marketing techniques, a company is more easily able to focus on the needs of the customer. It’s also much simpler to gather usable feedback from clientele, employees, and even competitors. Based on the needs of your demographic, deducing better marketing and advertising plans is streamlined into a timely, customer-friendly approach that offers more information about the company while helping people making important purchasing decisions.

Aside from those advantages, however, websites are more important than business cards for the following reasons:

1. Websites Last for Much Longer

A well-made website is destined to last forever, while a paper business card deteriorates after a while. Since business cards are typically shared during meetings, conferences, and parties, they tend to get misplaced. Your cards are often lost in wallets and pockets after only a few weeks, meaning your company misses out on lucrative opportunities due to simple human error. Websites are superior because they’re evergreen, and even your business cards know this: they usually have the company’s website printed right on them.

2. Business Cards Don’t Contain as Much Information

Although business cards are a terrific way to put the name of your company in someone’s face, they simply do not have the same amount of information on them as a website would. Basic business cards contain a name, a job title, and contact details like phone numbers and email addresses only. Meanwhile, websites contain far more data about a business, making a company more transparent to potential clients and increasing turnovers significantly as a result.

3. Websites Are Far More Accessible

Your business card can only be used if the person you gave it to remembers to use it. For example, if the recipient forgets they have the card or doesn’t remember to grab it from his or her wallet, the chances of you gaining their business is slim. On the other hand, a website is accessible 24/7 and thereby increases your company’s chances of gaining business from a viable contact. Put simply, when someone can’t find the information they need, they’re likely to look somewhere else.

Putting It into Perspective

Although there are probably plenty more reasons why websites are superior to traditional business cards, the above points suffice to prove it. With the best websites containing information like FAQs, Q&As, industry news, updated content, a list of services offered, links to customer service, company profiles and mission statements, contact details, and security stamps, it’s not difficult to see why a business card does little more than introduce the main star of the show.

In this day and age, good websites add value to your brand and make it a lot easier for customers to discover and trust your company. Without a website, some customers may find your business illegitimate, untrustworthy, ill-equipped, or out of touch with the current marketplace.

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