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Knowing the SEO trends of 2019 gives you more to work with than what your competitors will have. Search technology has become smarter, and there are a few things that you can do when adapting to it. The work is simple, but you have to consider what has changed. There’s a world of people still working in black-hat SEO, and Google doesn’t like this.

Getting past the Google radar can be done with a bit of common sense. Consider honesty for starters, but work to become an expert also. If you know everything there is about a topic, then the search engines have no choice but to rely on your content. Consider the following SEO trends as you develop your brand into a go-to product for online readers.

Submitting Quality Content

A new definition for content arises within digital marketing. Content is now known as multimedia. You have to consider video and audio along with text. Popular engines want different types of media, and each has its own format as shown within Google search. Developing great content goes beyond keywording. You want your consumers engaged, and as an example, film has the best retention.

You must make the work you publish diverse. You then want to consider what’s important to the readers you have. There are topics that you might find fun, and then there are topics that people care about. Knowing about your consumer’s needs is a step toward creating impeccable content in all of its forms.

Being Mobile Friendly

You might take your desktop or laptop computer for granted today. The majority of the world is surfing the web with a small screen in their hands and two fingers to pinch it with. “Desktop versions,” as ideal for desktop computers, are acceptable formats for websites. Nevertheless, the mobile first index gives you “ranking points” for being mobile.

You don’t have to be a wiz to pull this off. Just take into account that mobile devices show data differently. You’ll lose your readers if they can’t see your content on their phones.

Google Rankings: Improving Your Blog Posts

With machine learning now a factor when sites are being ranked, you need high quality writing and good topics. The pages that Google crawls are ranked by the same factors from 2018 but with a more-critical eye. This is because artificial intelligence doesn’t stop or sleep. Consider adding a few featured snippets into your work. Machines have the ability to learn a lot about your brand.

Perfect Your SEO Strategies

User intent should guide you as you choose your new keywords for 2019. Just ask yourself, “what are people using?” Search engine optimization, even after all of these years, continues to use words. Your SEO in 2019 should take into account how people use technology. User experience is now enhanced with things like “voice search” and the technology that enables it.

This hands-free method makes things easier for your surfers. The words that consumers use when speaking out loud, however, differ from what they’ll type into a search bar.

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