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What Are The Benefits of Online Marketing?

Unlike what happens in offline marketing, online marketers are able to see their results in a timely manner. Have you ever displayed an ad on any newspaper in the past? You will discover that it is very difficult to know the number of persons that were able to flip to the page where your product is displayed. You just can’t tell how many people are showing interest in what you have put up. You can’t tell whether your ad is bringing in a particular sale or not.

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to track all of your results and make comparisons wherever necessary.

Below Are A Few Examples

Website Traffic

Through the platform of online marketing, sellers will understand the number of persons that have visited their websites over a given period of time. With applications such as Google analytics, you can check the number of your website’s visitors. It is also possible to check and know the number of pages that they have visited over a given period of time. Also, you can also know the origin of such traffic.

Through details such as these, you will be able to know the marketing channels that should be given the most attention. This will be majorly dependent on which channel is bringing in the most traffic to your site. For instance, if the number of visitors from search engine optimization is about 10% then there is every tendency that you will need to put in lots of efforts to improve that aspect.

Offline marketing doesn’t provide a means through which you can know the ways that people tend to be interacting with a brand prior to ordering for a product. Digital marketing gives you the chance to spot patterns and trends of your target audience before they will get to the final stage of making an order. What this implies is that you can tweak your decisions in other to attract customers. Without tracking in your business activities, your approach will be based on guesswork.

Lead Generation and Content Performance

Just imagine that you’ve had a product brochure created and get to post it via the letterbox of others. The brochure is in the form of contents but it tends to be offline. There is a problem which is the fact that you can’t tell whether the brochure was opened or it got placed in the waste bin.

Just imagine that the same brochure is placed on your site. You will be able to know the number of persons who visited that page where it has been hosted. Also, you will be able to collect the details of those that downloaded it through the use of web forms. You aren’t only tracking the number of persons viewing your content as qualified leads are being generated once it gets downloaded.

Attribution Modelling

With a digital marketing strategy that is effective, you will be able to trace every of your sales. This is referred to as attribution modelling. What it does is enable you get trends identified regarding how people will be researching your product and then decide to buy. This will help you know that aspect of your marketing efforts or strategies that should be given the most attention. You will also identify that part of your sales cycle which needs to be refined.

It is always important to get the dots between sales and marketing connected. As explained by Aberdeen Group, organisations that have very strong marketing and sale alignment do experience 20% yearly growth. This is against the decline of about 4% in earnings of those organizations that have very poor alignment. Once you can get the journey of customers improved via buying cycles through the use of digital technologies, such is going to reflect on your business’ bottom line.

What Type of Content That Needs To Be Created?

The content that you will be creating will depend on the needs of your target audience at every stage of the journey. Such content should basically be able to meet their needs and overcome their problems.

You will then consider the ideal way that they will be prepared to get this content consumed. This has to do with the stage they are in during the journey. This is referred to as content mapping.

Content mapping ensures the achievement of some goals based on content according to the following:

  • The person that will be getting the content consumed. This has to do with his characteristics and features.
  • How close he is towards making the final purchase

There are various things that you can try out given your content’s format. Below are a few suggestions that you can have tried out today for every buyer’s journey.

Stage of Awareness

Blog Post

It is perfect when it comes to getting your organic traffic increased. This is true when it is made use of alongside very good keyword and SEO strategy.


These are shareable implying that your chances of being discovered on social media platforms will be increased. This is obvious when your content is being shared by others.

Short Videos

These can also be shared and can enable your product or brand to be discovered by end – users that are new when being posted on a platform such as YouTube.

State of Consideration


These are perfect when it comes to lead generation. This is due to how comprehensive they can be as compared to infographics or blogposts. This simply imply that people are always more likely to get their contact details exchanged in other to get access to them.

Research Report

This content piece is of high value and is also great when it comes to lead generation. New data and research reports are perfect for this.


These are video contents that are very interactive. In this stage, webinars can be very effective given the fact that their contents seem to be very comprehensive as compared to short videos and blog post.

Decision Stage

Case Studies

With your website having lots of case studies that are detailed, such can serve as a type of content. This will always help those that are close to making a buying decision. You will be able to get their decisions influenced in a way that is positive.


In case you notice that case studies aren’t that good for the type of business that you are running, you can make use of testimonials. B2C brands should consider the use of testimonials. For instance, you are into the clothing niche, your testimonials can come in the form of people wearing shirt or dress in different ways. People are also given the chance to make contributions.

How Long Is It Going To Take For Results To Be Seen?

With digital marketing, results are faster to achieve as compared to the traditional offline marketing. This is due to the simple fact that ROI can be easily measured. However, what majorly determines this is the type of marketing strategy that you must have decided to make use of.

If time is spent on getting buyer personas that is comprehensive built, trying to identify the needs of your target audience and then focusing on bringing them using contents that are of the highest quality, you should see tangible results within the initial 6 months.

Once paid advertising happens to be a part of your strategy, results may likely be seen even faster. However, your focus should be having your organic search built. This can be done through the use of SEO, content and also social media. These are what will guarantee results for the long term. You can get digital marketing assessment free of charge here.

Is A Huge Budget Needed For My Digital Marketing Campaign?

This majorly depends on the digital marketing strategy that you must have chosen to adopt over a given period of time. Let’s assume that you are making use of a website and want to adopt inbounding techniques such as social media, content creation and SEO, then you may not to have huge budget. Inbound marketing majorly focuses on the creation of contents that are of the highest quality. The only time you are likely to have a budget is when the work is being outsourced. Time happens to be the investment that you need here.

However, you are likely to spend when you adopt outbound techniques such as advertising and also getting to buy email lists. The cost here is going to be determined by the level of visibility that you want for your business. For instance, when using Google Adwords, you will be bidding against other brands in other to show up for those keywords that your business is related to. This depends on how competitive such keywords are. Such is going to determine whether they will be expensive or affordable for you.

How Does Mobile Marketing Actually Come In?

Mobile marketing seem to be a very important digital marketing component. It has been discovered to make up about 60% of digital marketing in recent times. The other 40% seem to be desktop – based marketing. What this means is that you will need to get your web pages, ads, and social media images optimized for mobile users. If you run a company that has an application; which enables customers to carry out transactions such can fall under the mobile marketing category.

The experience being gotten by making use of mobile devices will need to be similar as compared to desktop browsing. What this implies is that your website should be mobile friendly. This will enable a much better browsing experience. For instance, you may want to get lead generating forms reduced so as to make it easier for people to download items faster. Also, ensure that you are considering mobile users whenever you create social images. This should be in the aspect of dimensions.

I Am Prepared To Explore Digital Marketing!

If you are into this form of marketing already, there is every possibility you are already reaching out to a few set of persons online. You can always consider some of the strategies to make use of in other to improve.

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