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In today’s digital age, making sure that your marketing initiatives happen online is crucial for growth and building your brand. Here are some of the key benefits of digital marketing, to encourage you to step up your social media activities.

Reach Your Target Market Where They Are

About 76.7% of the population in Ohio use the internet, and over 5.7 million people in Ohio use Facebook. These figures will only grow as time goes on, so digital marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach a broad number of people in your target market.

Online platforms also allow you to create targeted advertisements based on demographic and geographic characteristics, like gender, age, and location. All of these characteristics are important to consider when connecting with people who would be most likely to buy from your business.

Save Costs

Small businesses are particularly concerned about costs, and it’s often difficult to have the same high budgets that large competitors may possess for marketing activities. Digital marketing helps you by letting you reach your customers in a cost-effective way. For example, pay per click advertising through Google Adwords allows you to pay for only the visitors that click on a particular ad. Imagine the cost savings that could be achieved by only paying for warm leads that have already shown an interest in your product or service, versus paying a small ransom to be listed in a phone book each month (How many people do you personally know who still use a phone book?) Once a customer reaches your website or calls your business through the ad link, your amazing website content or friendly voice will do the rest!

Create informative content on your blog, promotions on your social media, and strong email campaigns – each of which will help you compete and win customers over, while not breaking the bank.

Analyze Your Results in Real Time

Data-driven results are easy to understand when using digital marketing initiatives. Social media metrics like new follower rate, engagement, and number of comments, will help you understand the number of people who have connected with you online. Your analytical reporting will provide you with information about your target audience’s click-through rate to your website content.

You’ll even be able to conduct research on which of your blog posts or webpages are receiving the most traffic, and tailor your content to fit exactly what your customers are interested in.

Digital marketing is a key way to connect with a broad number of customers in your target market, create content that matters, and achieve data-based results, all while saving costs. With all this to gain, be sure to find the social media management, and digital management strategy that works best for you. If you’ve identified an opportunity for your business among these suggestions, but are unsure of how to proceed, UNIFY marketing & technology solutions is here to help. Contact us, Toledo Ohio social media expert, today for a cup of coffee and a conversation.