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4 Signs You Might Need A New Website

The modern market is fueled by technology, which enables it to be ever-changing and extremely dynamic depending on prevailing sentiment and conditions. It is important for your brand and/or company to regroup, revitalize, reiterate, and revise your goals in order to achieve your goals, one of which includes your website. Some signs that you may need to get a new website or revamp it entirely include:

Your site isn’t mobile friendly

More people use their mobile phones to access the internet than ever before, enabling more people to participate in e-commerce in more locations than ever. You want to make sure that your website is accessible across as many devices and platforms as possible, but a key market to tap is mobile-phone users with access to the internet. The necessity for a business website to be mobile friendly in both web design and responsiveness is listed as the number one reason to change your website.

Bad User Experiences

InVision reports that 88% of visitors to your website, specifically online consumers, will not return because they had a bad experience. This experience can stem from a variety of factors including site responsiveness, web design, direction and pathways of links listed on your website, and links that do not work at all, among many others. The most important thing to remember is that internet users generally are impatient and will want to move quickly through your website. It is recommended to listen to your target audience. For example, InVision reported a significant 35% jump in ESPN.com revenues after they redesigned their homepage entirely based on input from their customers. The didn’t need to build a whole new site, but instead just change some elements of the page to really make it pop for the end-user.

Invisibility to Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a practice involving the use of certain keywords and formatting structures to ensure a search engine can check the marks while doing a search for a specific query. If that specific query involves a good or a service your business sells, you want to make sure it appears as high as possible on the search results list. As SEO Pilot suggests, if you are invisible when keywords relevant to your products and services are searched for on Google or other search engines, it is unlikely that potential customers will be able to find you.

Your site isn’t working at all

Several factors lead to your website not working; for example, it could be hacked, it needs a software or a key functionality update (Source),or it could be suffering from any combination of the reasons listed previously. It is recommended strongly that you get a complete backup of your site before or after you do anything. Depending on the issue, you might be able to fix it or you may need your backup to restore the whole website entirely.

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