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Cloud storage is an IT solution that enables you to store files and information to an off-site location to which you can access it through the internet. Whenever you transfer data to an offsite location, it becomes the responsibility of the provider. At Unifymts, we host, secure, manage and maintain servers that enable you to access stored information whenever you want. Here are some reasons why you should consider our IT solutions service.

1. Convenient

By using our cloud storage backup, you don’t need a flash drive or hard disk to view your information. You can do this online. In the event that you do need to download your file, you can easily attach a storage device to download the information onto the device. However, if you only want to view the information, you don’t need additional storage devices. In addition to that, when it comes to making changes to the stored information, all changes will be reflected on each synced device. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need any technical knowledge or need the services of an expert to use our services. All the heavy lifting is conducted by us.

2. Usability

When we developed our data backup platform, we placed a heavy emphasis on accessibility and usability. We feature an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, which allows our customers to easily store information. For instance, take a look at Google Drive. Its interface is relatively simple. All you have to do is to upload the files. The same thing can be said about the service that we provide. There is no learning curve and by using our data backup services you can start backing up your information today by using a user-friendly interface.

3. Security

While it may be true that there are several other cloud storage services available that consumers can choose from, we developed a service that provides better security when it comes to cloud backups. At Unifymts, our cloud storage platform saves your information on multiple redundant servers. Therefore, if one data center collapses, your information will still be accessible from other centers. In fact, the only way you could lose your information is if all our centers collapsed. This is a highly unlikely scenario because we utilize hundreds of centers. The point being is that we store copies of your information at multiple different centers. Therefore, if information becomes corrupt or lost on one server, you’ll still be able to access your information.

4. Data Retrieval Services

One of the added benefits of working with us is that we offer retrieval services as well. Data retrieval can be best described as being the process of gaining access to and recovering information from a media that is inaccessible. This service can be beneficial for a multitude of different scenarios from user errors, deletions, physical and mechanical damages to your storage device, and more. This also entails acquiring information from a device that has been a victim of ransomware as well. Our experienced engineers have retrieved information from every device failure situation imaginable. Based on the fact that we have maintained a high data retrieval rate, you can be rest assured that we can deliver reliable retrieval services.

5. Lowers Business Operating Expenses

The expenses that are associated with traditional storage solutions are pretty significant when you run a business. Based on the fact that we purchased a massive amount of online storage, we are able to pass those savings back to our customers. This equates to a lower per-GB cost than traditional storage solutions. It also means that you don’t need to purchase hard disks or Raid cards. This can all help to lower business operating expenses as by using our service you’ll no longer have to pay for hardware warranties or electricity.

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