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Your phone is the key to increased productivity. You can’t afford to lose money when there is an outage in your area. Whether you have one employee taking phone calls or a hundred, loss of business due to phone outages can cause your business to suffer. Unify has the answer to your problem because they offer what you need. A service contract saves businesses not only time but money as well.

Unify Offers Solutions to Phone Outages

  • Offers a yearly contract to maintain your phone systems so your company doesn’t lose money.
  • Will not keep you waiting. They have experienced technicians waiting to help you when your phone systems aren’t working properly.
  • Having a service contract will offer you peace of mind. Their yearly check-up is just as important as your yearly check-up with your doctor.
  • Their round-the-clock tech support can answer any questions you have, no matter what the problem.
  • With a yearly maintenance contract, Unify offers priority service in the greater Toledo, Ohio area and all areas in northwestern Ohio.

What About this Service Contract?

Most businesses don’t get priority service when they experience a phone outage, but they often wish they did. Unify’s service contract guarantees that you’ll get the help you need when you need it, not the day after. Don’t lose business because your telephones aren’t working.

  1. Unify has the answers you need whether you are worried about losing your phones when you’re on a conference call or a virtual meeting.
  2. A monthly fee is the most affordable and convenient way to keep your phones up and running all the time. If for any reason a storm knocks out the power, Unify will be right there to help.
  3. Unify offers priority service to businesses that have a maintenance service contract with them. There’s no waiting list, no interruptions if you have a question, no worry about loss of business because your phone system is interrupted, no matter what time of day or night it is.

What Else does Unify Offer?

Unify also has a web design department. They have technicians who are experienced in cybersecurity, they have an excellent conferencing department, and much, much more. For the best solutions to any website troubles, be sure to contact Unify. With the increase in virtual meetings, Unify can be there to help if you have problems with audio and video problems. Be sure to visit their website for information about the variety of services Unify has for customers in the greater Toledo, Ohio area.

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