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The most agile, streamlined, and efficient businesses can improve their security, functionality, and cost effectiveness with managed services. Outsourcing your Information Technology (IT) can give you a competitive advantage. Discover how careful planning and preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly IT bills.

Hosting with Managed Services

No company can succeed by itself. One of the biggest benefits of outsourced services is gaining a business partner. A reputable, local hosting company can become your trusted advisor. We, at UNIFYmts offer flexible hosting plans tailored to your particular needs and budget requirements.

Many businesses follow the rudimentary break fix model. They don’t fix their computers or network equipment until it breaks. Unfortunately, this might be the worst possible scenario.

The benefits of managed services include the ability to plan maintenance. You service your car regularly, so why shouldn’t you do the same with your IT equipment? Our UNIFYmts services include, but are not limited to the following:

Choose from dedicated or shared packages on U.S. cloud based servers. You can add or remove services as you need them. Our monthly fee hosting packages allow you to manage your budget.

Backup and Storage

The practice of outsourcing includes backup recovery services. Your business collects loads of valuable information. Losing all of that data due to a crash or hack could be disastrous to your business reputation.

UNIFYmts offers on-premise and cloud storage options to ensure that your critical data is backed up and stored securely. Choose from individual file based backup options or plans designed to store snapshots of your system for restoration in the event of a failure. Cloud backup could be a lifesaver.


Every day, hackers are dreaming up new cyber crimes. With UNIFY monitoring and management, you can have a fighting chance of protecting not only your confidential corporate information, but also that of your customers (i.e. credit card information).

Besides offering on-premise hardware security device protection, our managed service offering includes virus monitoring, spam filtering, and software update services to ensure that your devices are up to date. Remove spam and create a faster network.

Our techs are current with the most important IT developments. Our managed services can provide cutting-edge protection, so you remain one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

When you trust us for remote monitoring, you can heighten your on-premise focus on growing your business. Optimize your core competency by channeling all of your passion into increasing sales. Meanwhile, we will invest our passion in managing your IT.

Add functionality, improve security, and develop a backup plan with cutting-edge UNIFYmts IT services. You can gain peace of mind knowing that our professionals at UNIFYmts are monitoring your network remotely. We provide you with innovative solutions to help you grow your business. Contact us TODAY! 419.740.1010 | info@UNIFYmts.com