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Get Upgraded: Why You Should Update Your Website

It’s time for a website upgrade. We recommend that website owners start updating their sites, or face the consequences of being left behind. In a digital world, everything is mobile-friendly, site owners need to keep up with the trends and not miss out on potential customers. Mobile compatibility may not seem like a big deal, but statistics show that up to 50% of visitors will leave your site if it’s not optimized for mobile devices. In this blog post, we’ll talk about why you should update your website – and how!

Is there a drop in traffic? Contact our web design experts at UNIFYmts right away. Our professionals will help brainstorm ideas to improve your site. Here are the top reasons why it pays for business owners like yourself to update their sites regularly:

Update Website: Outdated Branding

Keep your website in harmony with your business. It is the face of your brand. This means that if you make only minimal changes to it, it’s worth revisiting how you’re presenting yourself online. Doing so will help attract attention from potential customers as they visit or check out what you have for sale.

Update Website: Mobile Responsive

A responsive design automatically adjusts content and elements to the size of the screen. The webpage will stay readable from any device, meaning visitors will experience the same ease of access on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Then a responsive site redesigns itself depending on which type of computer or smart device (like an iPhone). With this kind of technology in place, rest easy knowing all visitors are getting exactly what they need: clear images and easy navigation.

Update Website: Your SEO Will Improve

Freshly updated content will give you greater visibility on the Search Engine Results Page. Not only that but your site will also rank higher and see more traffic from search engines since it is a quality site with fresh ideas!

Furthermore, fresh updates to your site’s articles also boost SEO rankings by making them more attractive for search engine spiders. This also means better placement in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) which leads to increase traffic as well.

Technology is the future of marketing, but it can be difficult to navigate. A lot of companies have a hard time keeping up with how quickly technology changes. UNIFY helps our clients stay on top of the latest advances in digital and social media by providing them with cutting-edge solutions that help them grow their businesses. A website update is crucial for business.

In conclusion, we specialize in creating custom software for businesses looking to make an impact online. Our team of experts helps organizations create great customer experiences across all platforms including web, phone apps, social media, point-of-sale systems, loyalty programs, and more! We’re passionate about helping businesses succeed with their online strategies so they can grow their business faster than ever before

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