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It’s getting rough out there

We do what we can to protect our homes. Cameras, alarms, and even updating our neighbors when we leave for a vacation. Why should your business be any different? Security cameras can monitor behavior, protect your business from potential theft, and secure the safety of employees & customers.
For instance, in a most recent data collection: Larceny – theft accounted for 73.4$ of all property crimes in 2019. Therefore, an easy installation of security cameras could potentially save you thousands of dollars in property damages and provide protection.

Benefits of Security Cameras?

  • Security cameras are enabling businesses their peace of mind. In many cases, all it takes is the physical appearance of a security camera to drive away criminals. Security cameras actually deter 50% of theft.
  • You don’t just want to protect your business — you want to protect the people running your business. This means your employees should be safe and secure as they walk to their cars and security cameras will help protect them from potential threats.
  • Lastly, they also provide detailed documentation in case of a natural disaster. Insurance companies may ask for proof of damage to property. As a result, a security camera can give all the evidence necessary.

We can help.

UNIFYmts is certainly committed to the protection and security of every client. We understand that each place has individual protection needs and we want to keep your business secure. Our setup is easy for both Internet Protocol (IP) cameras or analog cameras. We also have an Android app that allows users to remotely survey all areas within the camera’s view from anywhere. Users have the option to access their cameras via a web browser if they prefer. Moreover, you can recieve email alerts with pictures are delivered to the user’s inbox instantly when suspicious or threatening activity arises.

In conclusion, We offer excellent support and customer care to accompany security cameras. Knowledgeable and compassionate staff members are happy to help with difficulties and with incidents. All the information on their variety of services is readily available on their website along with the testimonials of other happy customers.

UNIFYmts is reliable, convenient, and most importantly secure. The safety of our businesses is in dependable and helpful hands.