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Importance of Web Design

Most users say that if a brand has an unresponsive website, chances are their products are not worth giving a try. Your website’s design and content have a huge impact on your business’s perceived credibility and quality, which is why you should consider consulting a web design agency to ensure success. Well-designed webs should be mobile-friendly, well-organized, and easy to navigate.

Why is it essential for a brand to have a website?

To be seen by potential clients

A large percentage of business purchase decisions start with a search on the internet. To gain more customers, you have to know where your prospects go when they are looking for products or services. Google, Yahoo, and Bing account for approximately 90 percent of all searches on the internet, which means that if you don’t have a website, you are selling your goods or services to only seven percent of your market. This means that you are reducing your brand’s potential by 93 percent. When you place your website address on different promotional platforms, you are more likely to attract visitors who might eventually turn into customers.

For Credibility

For your company to be reputable in today’s world, it must have an online presence. Many potential customers are highly distrusting of businesses without a website. Like an email address or a telephone number, a website is a useful tool used to share critical information about a business. Having a responsive and easy to navigate site makes visitors comfortable and willing to try out your services.

It gives you an insight into your customers

Using analytic tools, you can track your customers’ needs and locate how they found your site. Besides showing valuable metrics, analytics lets you conduct a user flow analysis, which helps you understand how visitors explore your website, enabling you to take valuable action. You can also figure out leaky spots in your marketing strategy and take measures to boost your sales.

Serves as a customer service platform

It is easier to handle your customers online when you have a website. By creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, you can save yourself some time and money by reducing customer service expenses. You will also be able to provide more information to customers, resulting in positive customer relations.

What are some of the greatest ways to generate leads to your website?

Have it well-designed

An expertly-designed website should be able to fulfill its intended function of attracting and engaging visitors. There are several things that should be factored in when designing a website. This includes functionality, simplicity, consistency, and color. It has to adequately accommodate the needs of the user by imparting the necessary information. Navigation is critical when it comes to retaining visitors. If a website is complex and inconsistent, visitors are more likely to give up their search and find what they need somewhere else. You should also find a theme color that fits your brand to influence the visitors’ behavior towards it. Don’t forget to use compelling language and upload great content.

Have effective landing pages

For effective lead generation, your website’s landing pages should be done correctly. After visitors visiting your page and consuming your content, the next step should be getting them to purchase your products or services. Landing pages should contain content that is focused on converting visitors to clients and giving a better user experience. It would help if you got rid of anything that doesn’t turn traffic into leads and clearly defines all the services that you provide and how they are of help to potential customers. Clicks should be minimized as much as possible to take visitors to where they want to visit from the homepage in a few clicks.

Have visible and strategically placed calls-to-action

Make sure that your website has useful links, buttons, or other calls-to-action. How do you expect visitors to take further action if you don’t urge them to? The best way to generate more leads is by asking visitors to give a try what your brand has to offer.

Why Unify Marketing and Technology Solutions?

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