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Using Search Engine Optimization SEO Keywords doesn’t have to be as mystifying as it sounds, especially with a bit a research and a solid marketing strategy. There a few questions to ask yourself as a business owner before deciding which keywords will benefit your company and improve your business website’s rankings on various search engines such as Google. Before you ever consider employing a marketing agency, you should have a clear vision for your company and be able to answer each of the following questions.

How does your product/service answer consumers’ questions (or how it will)?

When considering how SEO Keywords can benefit your company, the first place to start is determining how your product or service answers the questions consumers ask. For example, if your company is a bakery, the questions you could possibly answer would be: “where to buy wedding cakes,” “birthday cake,” “cupcakes,” etc. The queries your company solves are important, as they contain the keywords you can use to increase ranking status on search engines.

What unique perspective do you bring to your niche?

No one is going to want to visit your company’s website, no matter how much SEO Keyword rich content you fill it with or how many keywords you add in, if all you offer is the same boring nonsense as the next business, so it’s important to play up how your business is different. Do you offer better customer service? Is your business family owned and operated? Unless what you offer is of better quality or in a completely different league than your competition, consumers are just going to pass your site over entirely. Figure out what makes your company unique and use this advantage with your keywords to boost your site’s ranking.

Who is your target audience, and who influences them?

With SEO Keywords, you can’t just throw some keywords on a page and cross your fingers hoping for clients to rush your way. Instead, you’ve got to know the consumers you want to serve or sell to. Who are they? Are they teenagers, homeowners, families, mothers, or fathers? What kind of job do they have? You should know your target audience thoroughly, and be prepared to generate user friendly content without Java or all the flashy effects. Create articles, blog posts, and press releases instead, as they are easier for search engines to “crawl” through. While search engines are evolving and growing yearly, they still can’t view a page through a human’s perspective, so it’s important to create content they can process.

What are your business’s goals for the quarter or year?

Without goals, you’re just spinning your wheels. If you don’t know where you want to go, you can’t make a map of how to get there. Using your goals as a reference, you can then decide which keywords, or which “search questions,” you want to focus on. For example, if you want to boost sales as a bakery during peak wedding months, you might generate more blog posts about wedding cakes and use the keyword “wedding cakes” throughout the article. However, if you don’t use those keywords in a meaningful, user friendly way, all of your work and effort is pointless.

Still Confused about SEO Keywords?

There’s some good news if you’re head is still reeling. With the help of UNIFYmts, all you have to do is know the answers to these questions, and we’ll do the rest of the work for you. We’ll audit your company’s website, find the areas where improvements can be made, and take the steps needed to execute those changes. Our unforgettable customer service, open communication, and da Vinci like creativity will bring your business to new heights and allow you to achieve all of the goals you’ve set for the year. Todd Perry even raves, “These gentleman have done more for my company in one week than I was able to do in a year. They got to work right away rebuilding my web site, creating a new logo, and getting me recognized on Google. Money well spent as they continue to assist us in all marketing phases as our business grows thanks to their help.” With raving reviews like that, we don’t know why you’re still waiting to contact us and bring your business to new heights.