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How do you know if you need a web designer? A well-designed and properly functioning website says a lot about your business. What’s being said, however, is sometimes misconstrued by the way your website appears to potential customers. Think of it like your company’s wardrobe. If it’s out of style or outdated, then consumers will automatically assume that your business is as well. This assumption is based on the opinion that companies who don’t care to update their website are less likely to update their policies to suit a specific demographic.

The Top Five Signs that It’s Time to Hire a Web Designer

With all that said, it’s no wonder why web design is one of the most prevalent and lucrative careers in the world. Millions of small businesses and globally recognized corporations work tirelessly to keep their company’s website updated, relevant, and attractive to onlookers. But, how do they know when it’s time to hire a web designer? Below are a few of the telltale signs that it’s time to get on the ball:

  1. Your web pages are slow to open.

These days, consumers have extremely short attention spans. Even as far back as 2012, the New York Times was reporting that impatient web users flee slow-loading sites. In fact, the average consumer spends less than one second waiting for a website or web page to open and load. During that remarkably short amount of time, opinions are formed, and frustrations are created. So, to keep your clientele where they belong (which is on your website), you may need to hire a web designer to streamline things on the back-end and quicken the loading process of each page.

TIP: Test out other websites, especially those of your competitors, to see how your website measures up.

  1. Your website looks old and outdated.

It’s not very hard to tell whether your website looks new or if it resembles something more outdated. Pages that look like Craigslist or MySpace are not only unattractive, but their appearance translates to shady business practices, poor customer service, and shoddy products. Outdated websites also make consumers think you offer zero web security, making them less likely to place orders or even get in contact with your representatives. Ask a designer to update the code on your site and watch as the consumers arrive in droves.

TIP: Look at the websites of some of the most successful businesses in your industry and see how much different your site looks.

  1. Your site doesn’t work well on mobile devices.

The average person does a large percentage of their day-to-day business, shopping, and web browsing on a smart device like a mobile phone or tablet. If your website doesn’t mesh well with those platforms, you may lose potential business quicker than you realize. Known as a modern-day industry sin, incompatible websites are swiftly overlooked and determined insignificant, even if the site is well organized, attractive, and properly functioning otherwise. If it’s not viewable or accessible via mobile devices, you need to hire a web designer as soon as possible.

TIP: Non-responsible websites can be penalized by Google and other search engines for not functioning properly.

  1. Your website gets less attention than your social media pages.

Spending a lot of time on social media to market your brand is a terrific idea, but ignoring your website to do so will land your company in shallow water. If you spend more time paying attention to your social media networks than you do your website, it may be time to hire a designer who can integrate the two for a more cohesive marketing approach. In addition to all this, concentrating too much on social media campaigns paints the picture that you’re not even happy with the website yourself, which can deter consumers from visiting it, buying products, or opting for your company for goods and services.

TIP: Hire a social media page moderator to handle things so you can keep a close eye on your website.

  1. You prefer your competitor’s website to your own.

It happens. You end up liking your competitor’s website better than your own. However, things don’t have to stay that way. If this is the case with you, then now is the time to hire a web designer to get you back in the game.

TIP: Take notes on the properties you like from your competitor’s site and implement those ideas in a unique way to your own web pages.

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