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If you were born in the 80’s you probably remember watching Back to the Future or The Jetson’s.  Hoverboards, flying cars and robot maids were the future. It was hard to imagine that type of technology being tangible. At the time there was still a rotary phone in your kitchen.  Having a Nintendo with two games, Duck Hunt and Super Mario Brothers, made you lucky!

Today kids wake up on Christmas morning to the gifts that once seemed impossible, cell phones that awaken to your thumb print and tablets that are controlled by touch. If Mom is a good girl, Santa may bring her a robot that sweeps the floors.  In the last 30 years technology has gone from almost nonexistent in the average home, to an indispensable way to get through the day.  Gone are the days of rotary phones or even cordless at that.  Most American families have two or more cell phones in the house.  The television has gone from big and bulky to paper thin.  Computers are now lightweight, portable and floppy disks are ancient relics.

Then there is the internet.  Remember when everyone was still referring to it as, “The World Wide Web”? Even in the 90’s when technology started to get better, logging online to check your AIM instant messenger was still rough. Dad would pick up the phone to make a call, only to boot you off seconds after the running man made connection!  The struggle was real my friend.  Millennials today will never understand this. In the year 2016, technology is not just part of everyday life, but most of us can’t live without it.