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Facebook Marketing: The Ultimate Guide- Blog 2

How to Get Facebook Likes and Fans

In this section we will go into detail about how to get Facebook Likes and Fans organically. Here at Unify we want our business owners receiving real feedback and real prospects for their goods and services. We have mastered the strategies necessary to get Facebook Page likes from the moment the page goes live and ways to grow demand moving forward with the page. We are ready to let you in to a few tips and tricks to obtain these strategies on your own.

Look at a Facebook ‘Like’ in the sense that its someone who raises their hand and intentionally opts to see any of your updates and posts regarding your page on their News Feed.

You can most certainly go to Google and purchase a package for generic Facebook looks just for show, but that will do absolutely nothing for your business. Sure it may make your business page look more credible, however the ‘likes’ you’ve purchased are typically generated by fake Facebook accounts-meaning there will never be any real interaction on your posts. Not to mention that not every Facebook post will show up on someone News Feed so when Facebook decides what to include based off of their algorithm-its specifically looking at post engagement rates, not your total of fans. With that being said, over time, the lack of ‘likes’ and comments/organic interaction on your posts compared to the number of Page ‘likes’ you have could potentially prevent your content form being seen by the audience you want to target.

Promoting Your Page on Facebook

Now that we have covered the importance of how not to get likes, time to focus on obtaining them organically. We will start with the promotion of your Page on Facebook.

In our previous blog we touched base on your “About” section on your Page. You want to be sure to include searchable information so you get Facebook likes and fans but you don’t want to over indulge it with keywords. Make sure you include an overview what services and goods your business provides and a link to your website.

If you have built your Page from scratch you want to consider sharing it with people you are already connected with on your personal Facebook Page. There is also a section that allows you to invite people to like your Page who may have potentially searched products/services similar to yours. Simply go to the section “know friends who might like your page?” and start inviting away.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to over promote to people you know wont be interested. That is waste of your time and you’ll look more like spam, and prospects hate spammy Facebook Marketing.

Also keep a conscious effort to be active on you Business page. The best way to gain organic ‘Likes’ is to build an engaging community. Post entertaining and helpful content and even memes that your followers will want to like and share. When your followers share your posts, they show up on their news feed for all of their friends to see and engage with bringing new eyes to your page that may have not come across.

Promoting Your Page Through Your Website

Including social media follow buttons to your website and blogs make it much easier for your target audience to connect with you on Facebook.

There is also a Page plug-in you can easily embed that will allow Facebook to build what’s called a ‘iframe code’ that shows a feed of your latest posts on your website. By doing this, your website visitors can like and share your Page without having to leave your website.

Starting out your new business Facebook page, you could even run a promotion that includes a discount if they like your page or share specific post.

Promoting Your Page to Your Customers 

Also be thinking of creative ways to let your offline prospects know you have a Facebook presence. For example, place a Facebook sticker with your logo or page’s name in the front window of your establishment, include your custom Facebook URL on your receipts, and/or including your Facebook information on your business card.

Hopefully these few tips and tricks shed some light on about how to get Facebook Likes and Fans organically. Keep in mind, Unify can save you a lot of time and effort by doing all of these things and MUCH more to ensure your Business Page is getting the traffic you want. Our Social Media Management Packages are customizable to you and your businesses needs. Call us TODAY at 419-740-1010 to take some of the Social Platform stress off of your shoulders.