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In a business world that is competitive, companies which are new always tend to be at a disadvantage. Amongst the various disadvantages, there is one that seems to stand out which is lack of customer trust. There isn’t anyone who would want to part ways with a current supplier for products which don’t have any review.

This is a problem that has got lots of solutions with social media marketing being one of them. One form or type of solution is employee advocacy. People have been discovered to trust products when they come from non-celebrity endorsements. This is true especially whenever the endorsements come from friends or company employees. That’s why it can be really rewarding making use of employees to talk more about what you have to offer.

But how does this really work and what are the ways through which it can be implemented in your business? The plan for employee advocacy isn’t difficult to implement. However, where the problem always lies is mastering it. This is why every detail will need to be gathered from the onset.

What Is The Meaning of Employee Advocacy?

This implies a situation where your post is being retweeted by your employees. They are having your product endorsed on social media platforms and also discussing about what you have to offer to others. It can also be a situation where employees are sharing contents that are about their employers. It is the support that a company gets from its workers in public.

How To Make Use of It

Although there are companies which encourage the use of various social media platforms, this is one method that seems very difficult to get tracked. You can be watching the accounts of employees but may not be able to track their levels of influence and success.

Fortunately, there are mini social media venues which are aimed towards promoting employee advocacy. These could be Dynamic Signal, Sociabble, Smarp, or LinkedIn Elevate. They have lots of features that are very useful and also analytics. Through link tracking, you will be able to know the post that is getting the highest number of clicks, the most popular content and lots of others. Workers will have the chance to be competing on leaderboards and also earn lots of points which are to be spent on prizes.

Through platforms such as these, articles can be easily published. This is because there is a single location through which everything is being managed. This is really important if you are to take a program such as this seriously. As soon as the content gets published, employees will be able to share it across the internet via social media websites. This seems much better as compared to reminding workers about getting to post on twitter and Facebook every day.

Finally, through a tool such as this, workers and employers will be able to communicate easily. It can also enable them to be up to date with the current trends of the market. Although email doesn’t seem obsolete yet, it is much better when updated information get placed in the app as compared to sending out series of emails to a large team.

Here Is Why You Need It

It is possible to get a few twitter accounts created for your company’s leaders, get bots setup in other to be having links tweeted to whatever you will be getting on that blog of yours and log out. There is nothing really special about this.

However, there are lots of users who can identify automated accounts. This can really damage the reputation of your company before them. Fans are going to be subscribing to your business just for the purpose of getting notifications whenever you have got a blog post that is new. However, audience engagement seems to be suffering. New prospects are going to stop by your account in the social media only to discover that your contents are automated.

What people will always appreciate is a feed that is interesting. They need something that has been handled or touched by humans rather than being automated. It is possible that you are the type who spends all day on social media platforms. However, your workers may just be the opposite.

Consumers don’t have that much trust for CEOs these days. This is where average individuals can become very important. They have network of friends and others whom they can share their content with.

The judgement here is that this tool can help to produce contents that aren’t only natural but also appealing. The online community is now beginning to easily spot automated accounts and clickbaits. This is why a little effort will need to be put in. Employees seem to be more trusted on social media platforms than their employers.

Encouraging Advocacy

Given the fact that you have understood everything about advocacy and what it can bring to your business, the major question that you should be bothered about is how to get workers motivated. If such a program isn’t going to benefit them in any way, they wouldn’t want to waste their time. Encourage them in one way or the other.

The first thing that you want to do is avoid having to force them to be in support of your brand. This could bring about a low morale. What you need to do is ensure they are interested by giving incentives. A reward system can be implemented or something that challenges workers who are competitive.

Avoid setting rules and regulations. Just allow your workers to be in control here. Let them produce and also share content which they like. It is always easy for consumers to spot when workers love what they do.

Just avoid dictating everything that they do. It is always risky having to give them freedom most especially when the reputation of your company is at stake but, you will definitely gain a lot from it.

Producing Relevant Content

Your workers can’t talk about anything if they have got nothing to share. This is the perfect time for you to be active on social media. You need to start creating blogs and writing on Facebook. Although this can help to create awareness about your brand, it will also help to ensure that your employees communicate amongst themselves. Always remember that this is all about fun. In case your company just had a party, get the picture uploaded. This gives consumers idea about what the company’s atmosphere is like.

Whatever that is posted on these platforms should be fun, insightful or memorable. Articles should have titles that are snappy, images which are engaging and relevant. A plan such as this will create lots of awareness about your brand and also help your employee advocacy strategy.

Using An Advocacy App To Enhance Marketing Strategy

A networking platform is the perfect way through which this plan can be implemented. Your company can get connected online by many apps which are being designed. However, you want the one that can fully support employee advocacy. These apps will ensure that you have access to analytics that are helpful. Details such as these will enable you understand the content to create and number of people showing interest in what you have to offer. Without information such as this, you may need to depend on like and follower counts.

Starting small is the key. Look out for those employees that enjoy getting new things tried out. Set goals for them that have timeframe. Once you have achieved success, you can keep on doing this. When the program is successful, it will not only increase the number of visitors that you should have but also give your workers the chance to develop their skills. Although the risks seem minimal, its benefits are great.

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