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The work-life balance refers to the balance between work and personal life. It can be challenging to achieve this balance, especially in today’s highly competitive environment. Where employees or work teams are expected to put in more hours than ever before. We understand how important work-life balance is, especially in the tech world. When your internet is down, we are eager to help! However, we encourage self-care for our staff and employees. And you should too! Here is our advice on how to keep an appropriate work-life balance.

Devices can be Addictive.

People’s devices can be addictive. They are designed to be easy to use and offer a quick escape from the minutiae of daily life. You may use your device as an antidote when you’re bored or stressed. It can feel like a reward—a treat—to spend time on your phone messaging on Slack or tablet or replying to your email inboxes computer after a long day working with your teams.

However, there is also evidence that this behavior can become unhealthy for some people (and not just in cases where someone spends too much time on their devices). Some studies have found that people more prone to addiction have trouble controlling themselves when presented with technology; exposure to digital media overstimulates reward circuits in the brain in ways similar to drugs or alcohol.

Disable Notifications

Use the do not disturb feature. You can set your phone to auto-reply to texts or turn off notifications from certain apps, such as Slack, at specific times of day or night. Put the phone in another room or bag–or even better yet, in airplane mode so that no new messages or email inboxes can come through. Sometimes it’s important to keep your phone in case of an emergency, depending on your career. Firefighters and healthcare workers know all too well what it’s like to have a phone on at all times. However, if still important to draw a strict boundaries. Most of the time – work emergencies can wait until the morning.

Have a to-do list and Prioritize Important Tasks

You can keep a to-do list, but prioritizing your tasks may be more effective. When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by what’s on your plate, it’s hard to get started on any of them. However, if you take the time to plan out how much time each task will take—and then prioritize them accordingly—you’ll be capable of concentrating on one thing at a time and feel less stressed about getting through everything on your list. You can reply to your Slack messages and email inboxes later.

To keep a work-life balance with technology, you must take care of yourself and your stress levels. If you cannot do so, then there is a good chance that your performance will suffer which could lead to decreased productivity and even increased absenteeism rates among employees. This can lead to increased costs across all departments and decreased morale among staff members who feel overworked or stressed out because of unrealistic expectations placed upon them by management.