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The year was March 10, 1876, when Thomas Edison telephoned Mr. Watson. Since that time, business communications has come a long way. Probably the most important innovation is mobile communications. Digital Phone Systems (Telephony) makes it easy to stay in touch.

IP telephony is an improvement over the old analog systems. The ip phone uses the Internet to transmit its signal instead of traditional public switched telephone networks (PSTN). Voice communication, known as VoIP, offers more flexibility of use and more efficient use of bandwidth. Some people think the ip phone is only for large businesses or techies. This is not true. While VoIP will scale to as large as you want to take your business, it’s also ideal for smaller firms.

As a busy professional, you want your business phone systems to be easy to use and reliable. ESI Phone Systems are the next generation in Digital Phone Systems. Need to retrieve timely messages? Paging? Or maybe remote IP retrieval? You can now find several models that will suit your needs. Sophisticated, but simple to use, these all-in-one systems will deliver a better communication experience.

Let’s face it, while we are complicated individuals, when it comes to learning new technology, we all appreciate devices that are simple to use. ESI Phone Systems one-touch design were designed for ease-of-use. Their one-touch features easy and intuitive to use. And should you need additional help, dialing *611 will take you to a knowledgeable technical support professional.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there, these phones easily integrate with the Cloud, to deliver business solutions in real-time. For those who need customized options and features, you will find a ready supply that will fit your business needs. You can even enable a feature to act as your private receptionist, should she become too inflexible in her salary requirements.

Need to stay in touch with the office and want to sit in the stands to cheer on your child’s soccer match? ESI ePhoneGO phone has got you covered. As well as keep an eye on those in your organization who only work when they know you’re watching. Want to keep your personal phone number private? Easy, activate Single Number (SNR) Reach. This will allow you to use your smart-phone and only your work number will be visible to the other party.

Seamless Integration

Voicemail notification sends alerts to notify you on your smart-device when callers leave a voice-mail message on your office phone extension. Mobility is a mainstay. Sync your mobile device to your account to view your contacts while in the field. What this means is that you longer have to be tied to your office.

Whether your needs require Cloud-based or On-Premise solutions, using this new technology, you can easily set-up a personalized solution that’s right for the way you do business, in-doors or out. Knowledgeable technical support. Ease-of-use telephones. You get full business solutions. ESI Brings Purpose-built solutions into your business.

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