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They say that creativity is intelligence having fun. We can agree because the greatest minds of our time in technology have all been extremely intelligent in their area of study, but had to learn how to be creative along the way. In order to make the breakthroughs, creativity is a must have. Pure intelligence and linear thinking don’t change a civilization, but when mixed with a creative mindset, it can create ideas, products, and systems that forever put a dent in the universe. In this article we will be discussing how the creative process is used and has been used in the technology industry over the years, and how it can be used in the future.

Being Creative in The Technology Industry

When we think of technology or the tech industry, we visualize computers, robots, circuits, machines, linear diagrams, and maybe some people on their computers wearing glasses. The fact of the matter is, that, though some of these things may be true, the tech industry would not have evolved as fast as it has if it was not for the creative minds creating its advanced technological feats. Thomas Edison said that he did not fail one thousand times before he discovered the light bulb, but instead he found one thousand ways that did not work, through innovation.

Thomas Edison is a great example of a technological and creative genius. He was also a businessman looking for profit. His laboratory contained every material you could have possibly imagined at the time, and he tested every filament and animal hair you could think of in order to find the right filament to put in the light bulb so it would provide continuous light, without burning. Today, the same creative principles apply in the tech industry and are used for effective marketing, website design, and in developing business solutions.

Just look at the Google Headquarters and every other Google Workplace. Its founders and executives praise creative environments where people can disassociate from the present task at hand. Colorful accents, slides instead of stairs, meditation pods, a circular campus with nature, and the removal of cubicles induce a creative atmosphere.

It has been said that Einstein was most creative when he told a walk, away from a problem he had been trying to solve. It seems as though the subconscious (creative) mind takes over and begins to connect ideas that your conscious (rational) mind may have missed when trying to solve the problem or tech project at hand.

In conclusion, in this article we gave a brief overview of how being creative has helped some of the best minds of our time, and how companies like Google use creative environments in order to help the intelligence of their employees to find radical solutions. If you think of anyone that has set their names in history, you will find a creative mind. Michelangelo, Picasso, Einstein, Mozart, Elon Musk, and George Washington have all used their creative minds to connect with their higher selves and develop life changing innovations.

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