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Everything you need to put together a professional computer repair toolkit

If you are going to be repairing computers on even just a semi regular basis – or if you want to guarantee that you are able to troubleshoot and repair your own PC without having to contact a professional to handle the heavy lifting for you – a proper computer repair toolkit is essential.

There’s nothing worse than cracking open your case, finding the root cause of all your trouble, and discovering that you just don’t have the right tools on hand to fix the problem – even if you have the parts and components necessary to rock ‘n roll!

With the right computer repair toolkit close at hand, that won’t ever be a problem!

Here’s how to get yourself situated with a kit you can depend on in 99.99% of all situations.

LED Pen Flashlight

Right out of the gate, a quality flashlight is going to make all the difference when you are looking inside of your case for problem areas, hotspots, components that have failed, or any other trouble.

Sure, you’ll want to work in as well lit a space as possible as a general rule, but an LED pen flashlight will always come in handy and illuminate the interior of your case in a way that even great quality external lighting cannot.

A wire trip, cut, and strip tool

The electrical wiring in your computer is one of the components most likely to fail on you and that’s why you’ll want to be sure that you have a “electrician’s multi tool” like this close at hand. You’ll be able to create your own cables, repair and replace damaged cables, and will be able to generally do anything you need to with the electrical wiring of your computer with one of these tools alone.

Cable and electrical testers

It’s also advantageous to have on hand at least two electrical and cable testers that you can use, testers that you can take advantage of to verify that your electrical system is up and running the way it should order to find hotspots and trouble areas that have to be addressed.

These are relatively inexpensive tools, and it’s important to have two of them on hand so that you can guarantee that the electrical issue is actually an issue and not just a hiccup or something that the tester is picking up independently of the other.

Redundancy is the name of the game and this will definitely help you out.

Needle nose pliers and small screwdrivers

Needle nose pliers in small format screwdrivers will be used to help you remove, replace, and manipulate different components without any issue. These are the “foundation” of most computer repair toolkits from a physical tools standpoint and they are always going to come in handy regardless of the computer problem you are dealing with.

Hard drive cable adapters

An easy way to diagnose hard drives that you believe are failing as well as a powerful tool to help you backup data on internal hard drives without having to throw them into an external enclosure, hard drive cable adapters can make a world of difference when you are working on a desktop or a laptop.

These are especially useful if you’re going to be recovering data that would have otherwise been lost due to operating system corruption or other issues, especially if these cables allow you to “hot-swap” the hard drives into another machine without issue.

Large capacity flash drive

A large capacity flash drive is going to be a workhorse and a Swiss Army knife for your computer repair toolkit. It should be large enough to have an entire modern operating system installed on it for effortless USB installation, but it should also be able to be formatted, partitioned, and used as a data storage, software manipulation, or general “multitask” kind of tool as well.

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