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With social media providing a public platform reaching millions for little to no out of pocket cost, we’ve seen an insurgence of individuals using their influence on social networking. From a new line of products and services to events or locations, many companies are realizing brand advocates can reach far more people in a far more relatable way. A brand advocate is a consumer who uses and speaks highly of a product or company. By sharing our experience directly with potential customers, we’re able to educate and sell your content or organization in a relaxed and transparent manner.

In light of this new and exciting form of social marketing we’d like to offer a few tips for turning customers into branding assets.

Understanding Your Audience is Key.

Friends, family, and acquaintances trust the opinions of those close to them. They seek them out for a stamp of approval. Asking customers to always provide honest and unfiltered feedback gains more trust and word of mouth exposure to additional consumers. When potential customers need a second opinion in the future, they will seek out your brand ambassadors. Your growing audience will continue to spread to more like-minded consumers. Gaining the audience’s attention takes time and effort, but the most important part is to listen to them. They will provide you with their thoughts and feelings. The immense reach will provide input from an infinite number of varying personalities and consumer groups. This information is invaluable to companies seeking out brand recognition.

Brand Advocates Engage your Audience.

Continuing the growth of your following will rely heavily upon on how you engage our audience. Do you reply sporadically or daily? Do you reply to the post in general or reply to the individuals on the post? Engaging the audience on an individual level is personable and lets the consumer know you value them. When a small business hires a brand advocate, the advocate encourages to your audience to talk about your product or service and encourage would be customers to become existing customers. Once they try the product or service themselves, they’re able to share their experience. Your business could event offer the opportunity for consumers to earn money or free products by joining brand advocacy programs. The long term effects of such a cycle creates a blooming sensation pushing your audience from customers to a community.

Brand Advocates Create a Community.

Creating a community is the final step in pulling your audience of customers into brand advocacy. This step happens fairly organically. Sharing experiences of favorite products or services leads the way to open lines of direct communication. The familiarity built between customers breeds a deep loyalty to each other and our opinions. Marketing certainly has changed from the standard model of running ads and paying millions in advertising cost. The new demographics provide companies with a unique new opportunity to engage their customers and develop products based on consumer desires and preferences versus gambling with a limited focus group. Your loyal followers and customers are just waiting to be included in this amazing new opportunity.

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