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In today’s digital age, every business realizes sooner or later that doing IT in-house is more trouble than it’s worth. Here at UNIFYmts, we get many clients who come to us because they simply don’t have the time and/or resources to dedicate to their IT department any more, and need outside help. Let’s take a look at several reasons why outsourcing your IT needs through managed services is the way to go, and how it can benefit your business.

  1. Managed Services Control IT Costs

One of the main issues with doing IT in-house is the fact that costs can get out of control very quickly. Let’s face it, all projects run into problems at some point or another, and all problems end up costing time, money, or a combination of the two. When you outsource your technology services, you receive a predetermined monthly fee, and no surprises. Knowing that you won’t be hit with any surprise costs can give you peace of mind, and let you focus on other tasks.

  1. Reduce Labor Costs

Speaking of keeping costs under control, outsourcing IT can also help you with reduced labor costs. Not only is staffing an IT department expensive, there are also hidden costs as well such as having to pay overtime when a project needs extra work, or repair fees when equipment breaks down. This can be quite a problem when something like a disaster recovery operation needs to be carried out due to a critical equipment failure.

  1. Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness

Greater efficiency means more money saved, allowing you to allocate resources to other areas of your business, and gain a competitive edge in your marketplace. This is one of the main benefits of managed services for your business operations. You can also take advantage of IT services that may have been impossible to implement in-house, such as enterprise level network monitoring, and external managed security for your network.

  1. Quickly Implement New Technology

Another thing that external managed services can do for your business is to help you to quickly implement new technology. If you’re doing IT in-house, you’ll face the issue of having to upgrade every time new technology comes out, or face being out done by your competition. When outsourcing to an IT management system, you get the benefit of not having to pay extra for new tech at it becomes available as it will be included in the service offering. This is especially good news for remote monitoring, and cloud computing as those areas of IT tend to evolve very quickly.

  1. Stay Focused on Your Core Business

IT can be a headache, and a huge distraction when things are going wrong. Instead of having to babysit an IT department, leave it up to managed services. Not only can they give you access to new technology and lower overall costs, they also keep everything up-to-date without you having to constantly replace equipment, or download software updates.

UNIFYmts has trained, experienced, qualified, certified professional that can take care of your IT through our managed services program. For more information on our IT management services, click the link here to visit our website.