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Why Access Control Technology is Beneficial

Lock-and-key access systems were common for businesses in the past. Although that may work for small businesses, it is not proven beneficial for most companies that are large in size. There are many security weak points in this traditional method —keys being duplicated or misplaced; anyone can enter the workplace as long as they have the key; records of history access may be incorrect due to losing track or other problems; etc. That’s why it is beneficial and important to upgrade the systems.

The Benefit of Having Access Control Technology

Nowadays, Access Control Technology is becoming more valuable as businesses are seeking a more secure form of protection. To keep a business safe along with its information, employees, and equipment are undoubtedly important and access control systems would help to ensure that. We listed some of the benefits below.

Limiting Access to Sensitive Information

Some information, data, or documents are confidential and should be kept private for certain employees. With the systems, the access for those confidential things would be given to specific employees. Restricting access to certain things for certain people, it would prevent possible security breaches in the future.

Multi-Shift Working Environments

With lots of employees coming and going, managers may lose track when recording everyone’s access. Since there are people entering and exiting the establishment on a large scale, outsiders who aren’t identified as the company’s employees, or imposters, can sneak in unnoticed. However, with access cards, there is no need to worry about that situation ever happen and left unattended. Employees that are authorized can now enter and exit without having problems arise.

Securing Valuables

If an item or something is missing or lost, it is likely impossible to figure out who is the culprit. With regular keys, there is no way of knowing which employee unlocked the door and enter the place after hours. But, with access keycards, the inconvenience and troubles of finding who is responsible for the lost item would be lessened, or better yet won’t be any.

Deters Intruders

Similar to the previous one above, if an intruder forced open a door and entered, it is unlikely that someone would know. With that being the case, surveillance camera coupled with the an access system can increase the protection and security of the place. This would prevent cases where intruders entering the establishment without being discovered.

Here are some more advantages:

  • Companies can remove access to a keycard (of former employees) or replace it without unnecessary inconvenience, simplifying employee turnover.
  • The system can be integrated with other building systems which would save money and energy.
  • It could control the environment of the building—like temperature if the system is integrated with the heating/cooling system, 24/7.
  • It has multi-location access which allows employees to travel from place to place at ease.

Interested in Learning More?

We can help you understand more about this topic and would install and support your company’s access control with our systems. For more information, please contact us at UNIFY Marketing & Technology Solutions You can contact us on our website through chat or give us a call.